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Opens to a. Black screen and doesn't load anything past that. As a huge MLA who has played all the VNs including all supplemental series (TE, Schwarz 1&2, Croncicles, TDA, etc) I was really looking forward to playing this, and I'm pretty bummed it won't even load the title screen on my Galaxy s20 FE 5G. [大哭]

Utawarerumono Lost Flag


I expected more sadly. As much as I adore the Utawarerumono series, and with the heights of the bar the previous installments set, one can't help but find this addition to leave one wanting..
The biggest mystery to me, is why employ such brilliant art for the games sprites and backdrop locals, but then go and downscale all the in game character renders and combat animations, from even what the vita gfx engine produced in MoD/MoT... Just doesn't present much in the way of logic imo. =/

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