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Personally the game is alright and yes it kill's time. but honestly where's FF8 and why does the game feel kinda dry. but its whatever. but its just my opinion.

Miko Note


man im a sucker for miko kitsune. but story short. its a great game that deserves some praise... evenings tho its be out for a while now. i haven't got bored or feel forced to buy with gatcha. but this is literally a F2P game.. but i dont mind supporting the game. its feels fresh and refine... also very colorful and it remains of hatsune miku for some reason. anyway yeah

Brown Dust | Global


not bad. but it's feels that it's missing something

Figure Fantasy | English


this game makes me feel more appreciated towards my figures

Blue Archive | Global


I praise the developers and how the game plays and feel I'm having a great time. And getting all this free tickets and crystals. I'm thankful and appreciated... but plz I need more dark elf wifu's XD



its reminded me other mobile game that's has similar features and playing style. but the art is fairly good. cant wait till global release

Shadow Hunter: Lost World


The game is pretty solid to a degree. its feels okay at 1st. but there's issues. if you are playing on your phone sometimes the characters will do a skills and most of the time the reactions my pressing on screen doesn't respond as much. now on pc with a controller is okay... but i just love how the game difficult scale once you reach the end of chapters 2 boss. even with the boss. the exp gain is poor and getting weapons are poor. and evening tho you max up the gear you obtained throughout the game. it really doesn't make sense becuz the lvl scale system is way off. Now i wasn't active when they was doing the event which you could have gotten better loot. but i said screw it once i got to a frustrating point in game. but plz fix those issues.

MARVEL Future Revolution


okay okay game is not bad. but please please deadpool is a must

Ayakashi Rumble!


okay okay neko and fox girls are my thing so yes i love the game. but i wish there's more to do beside auto play. but at the same time for what its worth it has charmed and a pretty good story so yes. i like it.

A3: Still Alive | Global


Game is alright. but has issue. one trying to delete characters but it wont happen evening tho i spell out 'I agree.' two after awhile of playing i get kinda ignored by notifications that evening tho i turn off. there's certain one that i don't care for. black desert does this too which it ignoring. but everything else is okay.

TRAHA | Japanese


well i would like to play this again.but unfortunately quest options isn't a thing and if i tired using my google acc. well its pointless. but i can't wait till they bring this over to global or us. i love playing V4... But at this moment i really want to retired this again.

I don't know why i downloads the game but it doesn't work after. I downloads it 4 time. and still no go. But lucky i fix the issue.
anyway the game is pretty solid. i feel it could be much more but then again. im asking to much. but yeah need more weapons and weapons skills.

There's been alot for good n negative about this game. so therefore i decided to download and play it. and what a surprise i like the game alot more then some i usually play on a daily basis. but its very ignoring that people's complain 😒 about how the game is bad when it comes to the characters healing process and the process of the game. but they're not will ti learned the mechanics of the game has a whole. anyways its pretty good.

Action Taimanin | Global


okay so i play both jp n us version. and honestly i can't give up on the jp version of the game. i invest so much time and throw money here and there. becuz in truth im a fanboy... but its does have flaws

1 there's certain skills that doesn't need a CD and should be with the characters kits as progress
2 we need more air combat and a alt combo for each characters
3 we needs more wifu's



i just picked up and to find out its all about wifu's. Now the story is pretty natural with afew plot holes here n there. but overall i like it.

okay okay im hooked... its a must to the collection of getting wifu's...but i feel its missing something.

I love the game.but i wish that certain skills arent tide to atk n evade bottom but separate... also we missing some playable waifu
mizuki yukikaze 
onizaki kirara
koukawa asuka

Blade 2 | Korean


best game i played for afews yrs. it suck that it ended. i mran they could have aided new characters and extended yhe story. but for ehat its worth. im grateful and appreciated.

Last Origin | Korean


its pretty good... along with destiny childs and other..

One of my favorite mobile games along side three kingdom blade and punishing gray . it not pay to win. but this game is worth investing..... that on my end... but everything else is just great.

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i did the transfer to jp and every time i tired to imput my ID . i keep getting this. so yeah and for some reason i went on website to report it. but can't find it. so yeah i possibly lose all my hard intense grind and winaling  Read Note
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