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I chose a path that I want to keep walking on.
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I chose a path that I want to keep walking on.
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Was waiting for release ever since i saw pre reg. Few more hours and true review cometh.

Edit: I dont think i like the art style and gameplay. It looked interesting in Screenshots but it doesnt come quite near to what i expected. And the fact you ccant ake guest account also bothered me.

But I'm sure the fans of series would love it or atleast they need to try it out themselves.

Only started playing it because of the Attack on Titan Collab. Lots of features in game and many things to keep you busy. Only hate theres loading screen for evey other thing you do, especially during summons.

Dont mind this review.

I just installed it couple days ago but havent had time to even open the app. now i see new date a live is cloae to release and unfortunately I'm uninstalling it without Try.

Don't be like me if you loved the series. Give it a go and leave your honest reviews and help others make a decision.

IIts good game. Lots of servers but That also means alot of players.

Stamina can be tricky to manage. Tons of free tickets to summon, Just plan your resources wisely and you'll have a good long run. Some SR are better than SSR, Don't neglect them.

Good time to jump in game if you love OPM and want to relive some memories, command iconic heroes and villains from OPM universe.



I definitely recommend it a try. The story gets you from the start.

Ode To Heroes | Global


Game is fun and easy. Just find a good ancient hero you like and focus on it.

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