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Yggdra Rebirth


Just going to keep it short. The game itself is good. But the common issue is the games more than likely not going to last long. Wouldnt get too attached.

Kono Warui Koneko!


Think I found my new fav game.
Granted likely not for long, Xeen has a bad track record with longetivity in games, they tend to close relativly fast....
Anyways this is what id call... a Rhythm Bullet Hell. its characters are all more or less voiceless, but customizable, has live plays where people can watch and cheer you on, has some great music and addictive gameplay.
tons of outfits, and a number of shooting styles with support skills.
Bit buggy atm as expected from a fresh game these days.
Some gameplay on a song I really like, Hard Mode

I played the global one for quite some time.
Games quite fair as time goes on, combat system is basically 7DS.
English versions name is Shining Maiden.. And I heard its closed now... So uhh... Play at your own risk...

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese


Dont let my review fool you. Gameplay got an N/A Since I don't think it actually has any... Like Uma Musume is already pretty limited in gameplay but its miles ahead...

Long story short, graphics are quite nice, sound/music is great, and I'm guessing the main appeal is storyline. if those 3 are your prefered game style, this is going to be your game. as its basically just a Gacha with a story and jukebox.

Finally Gundam Vs. on mobile.
Handles great, feels great, overall a good experience... However...
Gotta address the main fault point...
its Heavily monetized... like absurdly monetized...
if it just has buyable suits, this could be the best pvp game on mobile... but instead... gacha lol.

Still a great game .

Pretty average game all around.
Fans of the series will probably praise it just cuz they're fans.
Never watched the show, never really interested me, so just rating purely on a non biased opinion.
Pretty sure most normal people will drop this in 1-3 weeks and find something new.
overall game feels cheap, the gacha seems reasonably fair, gameplays more or less just let it auto... has a very symphogear vibe due to the lack of interaction... but least symphogears flashy and has good music.



Nothing particularly wrong with it.
Gets a bit boring fast, but as something to pick up and play here and there its quite solid.

This is an arena based game, 16 different characters (4 to choose from at the start) 4 different attack styles (maybe more, only have 3 characters atm)
Join in a room with others, grab gems and lvl up. die and lose it all, rinse and repeat.

The variety comes from skill cards, each having a different ability varying from support to offensive.
theres a 4v4 mode but I haven't touched on that yet.

Its a small game (roughly 300-400mb), good for people with limited space.
Try it out, might be for you

Honestly don't really feel like writing a long review for this one. So i'll keep it simple.

This ones a fairly generic auto battler, combats as forgettable as they come.

Gacha rates are okay, I might have had too good of luck, as I got everything I wanted and more (8 or so 3* character 10 3* Memories)

Graphics have their own charm, really no issues in this category.

Storyline is where this game shines, however its not voiced which is a bit of a letdown. Has many clips of important moments from the anime, which is nice.

PvP is a bit mind numbing due to how awkwardly low damage can be at times, when a healer can basically just make matches take 5-15min a piece (on auto) Had 2 healers in B+ Rank, never lost a character despite fighting higher lvls.

Free player experience, Games fairly generous, never felt a reason to charge, had easily saved around 90 rolls worth.

Vtuber Baseball


Well... It's a game... I guess...
Vtuber Baseball...
Pretty much the exact meaning of cashing in on a trend...
It feels extremely cheap and rushed. from really awkward models to mediocre sound quality, and lastly a bunch of freshly made Vtubers for the game.
If you're here looking for some familar faces, you won't find them. Now I'm not particularly well versed in Vtubers in general, however my friends who were basically said "erm are they real? never heard or seen em before"
They do exist on Twitter -now- likely due to the game lol.
This is 1v1 baseball. aaand from what I saw... its purely vs AI. Bare in mind, I didn't stick around long enough. It is possible at some point it might have PvP lol.

TL;DR If you really need a batting simulator would give it a go. if not, might wanna avoid.

JanRyuMon M


Solid Mahjong Game. A bit more technical than Mahjong Souls, however no english option.
If you know and love Mahjong this is a solid pick up, however Mahjong souls has less progression requirements.
Mahjong Souls you'll unlock character voices rather easily which always adds a nice flair to the game. While this game, youll slowly unlock voices via playing. (something like 178 lines to unlock, one at a time...)
Anyways, if You like Mahjong its a good game. If not, best to avoid.

Tales of Crestoria
Size : 1.7gb
Servers 2, English and Japanese

Story is solid, as with most tales games, it's not amazing, but as a long time fan, I can overlook any downfalls the story has or may have purely due to fandom.

Graphics overall look... Well the overalls nice. I could nitpick here and there, but its really not worth it. The game looks good considering it is going for slightly HD models in comparison to say Tales of the Rays (Yeah TotR did get a graphical update and it looks better than it used to for sure. That simply means if this one lives long enough, it could get better as well)

Gameplay... Well if you're a fan of turn based combat that really offers nothing special, and punishes you for not having a full SSR team, look no further, this is your game. Still boring af to me, hit auto and wait for it to be done.

-It'll be alive for at least a couple months.
-It's got a good story
-Still has a bit of the Tales Charm, in form of after battle skits.
-It seems to run at about 30-45fps now, rather than the 5-20fps it got last week.
-Story wise, the games polished.

-Throws out the Series charming and challenging skill based combat.
-Would be nice to see it running at 60fps.
-Most expensive Gems i've seen in a long time.
-Slowest Rewards in a game that more or less requires you to gacha a lot.
-Likely will be closed in less than a year.

Final Verdict
Play if you need a good story based game. Wouldn't spend money on it unless you have money you don't care about losing.

Red : Pride of Eden aka Pricone w/Animal Girls

I've hit lvl 34, and unlocked all the features so I feel its time to write a review of a sort.

First and Foremost if you played Princess Connect Redive, this game takes heavy inspiration from it.

Red however, does have many of its own features to set itself apart, that being said, it has many similar features as Pricone.

Firstly the Graphics, in my opinion are Better than Pricone, from the way the sprites move to the overall artstyle in the final ranks of the girls. Not saying Pricones bad, I personally think Pricones looks perfect for its overall appeal. However Reds Live2D CGs for the final ranks are quite beautiful.

Sound, not much to say here, theres a decent number of well known VA which is nice, nowhere near the number of Pricone. Sound overall is fine, nothing amazing, but nothing that will make you dislike it for.

Value, Well I think Value, I think how fair is this game for F2P compared to P2P and W2P(whale2play).

Island: Exorcism


10/10 Best english voice acting ever, download and listen if you need a good laugh.
gameplay wise, nothing special. starter value seems non existent. characters seem to be low rate, dont get me wrong Im not sticking around long enough to see how 'fair' the game is. Its just not my type. Think it had potential though.

Engage Souls


Engage Souls
Aka Online RPS the Anime idol sim with Jojo refs.
Size 1.76gb
Final Rating 10 out of 5.

The game I never knew I needed, but will more than likely be here till it dies.

First off I've been playing a lot of shinymas, so this game feels pretty much like home to me.

You can battle other players online at any given point, or tackle the idol sim story mode.
Battle Others using the Characters you raised from the sim mode.
Sim mode, Take part in a 4 phase storyline with the character you choose, and the rest of their team.
This modes divided into 13 day phases, in which you will dedicate to raising your character to your prefered state, side events will occur and near the end you'll be pinned against other teams in a tournament style 5v5 gamemode. After all 4 phases are completed you will upgrade the base character for use in other modes.
Other modes to release at later dates and times, for now you can street battle.

to be continued below

Big Bad Monsters


The cutest game I'd suggest you bury and wait for a later date.
BBM - Big Bad Monsters
2.12gb in size.
7 solos to start
Play as silly monsters or cute girls to destroy towns!
No, being honest here, the games pretty entertaining and stress relieving.
-Super Cute graphics
-Fun to play
-Controls pretty smoothly
-Some Characters Obtained for free in story mode

-Gem rates abyssmal
-Gacha rates pretty much normal (3% SSR)
--Uses Dupes (*+x similar, 3* uses 3 3* of same character) to rank up characters.
---Lvling up characters seems to cost a fortune...
-Seems like a game you either need to pay heavily, or suffer heavily.

To me if the devs didn't feel like they were so extremely greedy, this game would be a solid pick up.
I plan to keep it around playing casually to see if it ever improves.

Unknown Bride


Okay well its not exactly got gameplay... its more or less 100% auto battle... Im sure theres someone out there that will enjoy it... Not really my thing.

Premium currency seems pretty hard to obtain...
paired with the fact that SSR characters are only in a special gacha that you get 1 draw from every 5 10 rolls done in the regular gacha? and even then its only 1.5% chance to pull her... Dont really get their thought process here... Maybe come back to this game in like... 3-6 months to see if anythings changed...



;) play the dmm18 version, some of the best hscenes available on a mobile game.

Perviness aside, very dark game.
if you played alternative girls, the gameplays basically the same, though no real flashy skills sadly.
Great music for the game. Very high budget title.

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I just like em. lol
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