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Fans of Gacha+Rpg games
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Fans of Gacha+Rpg games
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Genshin Impact


Aight, music and maps are dope, definitely one of the best rpgs to come out this year

Logres Stories


Pretty good tbh,needs more player(Jp already has a lot,but global is a bit lacking) and recognition tho,theres pretty wide difference between the old logres and logres stories,but theres guide available and with time you will learn

Rerolling pretty easy,takes around 5-10mins depending on your internet connection,gacha rate is pretty good,depending on the gacha type(0.6-8% with special ticket)

Job lvling pretty hard but eventually you'll do it(Fastest way is king mandra/raid)

overall pretty good,and totally would recommend 9/10

Edit:Sadly logres stories will close its server after 27th august,aiming has been losing lots of money,and they cant afford to keep LS alive[難過]

Toram Online


Definitely one of the best rpg out there[開心]

F2P,complex mechanism that will get you hooked into it + developer that actually cares,tons of skill revamp,gameplay quality upgrades,new events,new systems.

But ofc some downside exist[不滿],the early game content feels kinda lame,and the server's often flooded(int 1 only),mainly because of bots

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