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I'm A Lolicops :3
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I'm A Lolicops :3
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Wanna try first

this very nice game, gatcha little bit hard, ash f2p player you can catch up with events, but this is new game we must wait 1 month or maybe more, to give more review about the experience playing this game typical new game will be easy, they giving more gatcha rate up etc, but maybe it will drop, so becaful about gatcha game don't to much praise the game very fast because its a new game, well my conclusion, enjoy the game and lets see 1 month - 3 month about this game.. thank you

Guardians of Cloudia


try first



Wanna try first, update later.

Tensura:King of Monsters


Still hard to join the games update later. [大哭]

Sorry if my English is bad, anyway I will give my full review after I'm unlock all modes in the game, I'm just been playing this game only 3 days, because this game launch on 7 October 2020, I'm still playing this game.

Update (12 November 2020) : I stop playing the game because cheat issue and many bug, I hope it will be fixed and this game have potential in the future :)

SINoALICE | Global


First I'm sorry about my English, because English is not my native language, thanks for Playstation 1 and gaming industry, I'm know little bit about English, back to the review. :3

1. Why you should play this game: The why I'm stick with this game, because I don't have much time for gaming anymore, this game is very nice for people don't have much time to play games, because working or busy with a real life, if you a casual player this is a nice game for you, but if you hardcore players/gamers this game can be your secondary games, but don't get wrong to think this game a easy game like candy crush (I'm sorry for candy crush fans, no offense) I will explain in the next point.

2. People thought this easy game and looks like a simple game but inside is a complicated games, I said that because this game not for the kids, because this game is really dark, if you play story mode and you read all the story from each character you can get the point, I'm really enjoying the story, it feels like im reading LN.

3. This is a social game, I'm said that because this game have a guild and you will join the guild and battle in colosseum, this game will push you to join a guild and battle in colosseum why? Each day you must clear all the daily mission to get purification ticket (this item very important) to replenish your AP (stamina), and in conquest event (limited time event) sometimes you need a guild member to clear co-op guild mission and claim the medal (you can trade medal to selected items in treasure chest) , if not you will fall behind other player because item in treasure chest really a important item for your character growth.

4. P2P players will slash F2P players? Maybe yes maybe no. Let me explain, as i said this game really complicated you can open link ( don't worry it's English. If you see you will confuse what this characters for? Why so many characters? How to level up characters? Why this equipment have 3 skill? How to level up? How to limit break? How to evolve? What is Nightmares? How to get materials? How to how to how to how howww IT'S TO MANY. That's why this game is nice because you should learn and understand this game (and friend i told you this hard even you already know and understand sometimes you forgot because to many have to remember) this great because: maybe this example will help, if F2P player (Understand the game and have a nice build) VS P2W player (Don't really understand the game and have a wrong build), F2P player have a higher chance to win, that just a example, this game no 1 vs 1 player mode just a colosseum 15 vs 15 player mode, that's why I told you in point 3 this a social game, in the colosseum you must talk about strategy, role, nightmare summon list and many more it's a team player. It's really important join a guild with a same language because they will help you to understand this game.

5. About gatcha, it's a typical gatcha game, I can't talk about that it's about your lucky or your money (if you wanna pay), but if you a F2P just a little tips for you, first don't to greedy. second keep your crystal minimally 2k, as far I played if im gatcha and wanna get a new character or equipment if im lucky it cost 1,2k crystal in step up gatcha 5 step or 2,4k crystal in 2 x 5 step, I never try above 3,6k crystal you can try it if you want, third use your free daily gatcha.

That's for the honest reviews, I don't said and explain the bad side of this game because you already understand typical "gatcha game" bad side.
Thank you very much :3

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Review about this game this very nice game, gatcha little bit hard, ash f2p player you can catch up with events, but this is new game we must wait 1 month or maybe more, to give more review about the experience playing this game typical new game will be easy, they giving more gatcha rate up etc, but maybe it will drop, so becaful about gatcha game don't to much praise the game very fast because its a new game, well my conclusion, enjoy the game and lets see 1 month - 3 month about this game.. thank you Read Note
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