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I just love to play mobile games
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I just love to play mobile games
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Blue Archive | Japanese


Ready to be arrested..

Anyways the game is great, graphics is so cute[開心], sound is so lively i could listen all day[色色][耍帥], the gameplay for me is a little bit confusing but playable. Storyline, hmm im still new but i think its interesting. Overall its amazing!!!

One thing i have a problem is, its randomly crashes, like i was playing the mission then the next thing i see is black screen and it takes me back to my homescreen, i dont know what is the cause of it maybe my phone but if anyone was experiencing this, please fix it since its pain to load the game again..

Also plus point for me the Voice Over in the Sensei's name, I was so shocked, normaly in games they don't add such a feature like that but, damn i'm telling you this is a best game, also i recommend for you to wait for EN but if you're brave go ahead and install it [怪笑][怪笑]

Overall the game is great[開心][開心] If you have better phone of course, i believe they have a settings for i dunno auto(?) *its for the slide thingy at the bottom and for the disk at both sides correct me if im wrong* so atleast its playable[耍帥]

Arknights | English


Another gacha game i'm addicted with.

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