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1st of all, I love the anime.

2nd. The turotial goes on and on, forever and is seriously too long! Should have a skip button. There' no reason for the tutorial to be this long. It is a serious turn off.

3rd: The game has a bug that make the game keep crashing, all the time and can"t keep going. The phone isn"t the problem since it does it on all devices I have, included the gaming phone. Until you fix the bugs, errors and crashing, I"ll be waiting to play the game! Right now, it is unplayable

while i love the game, its been a long while since I've played it.
for people who like gacha and "beat'em up" and dates, this game is up your alley.
i just have too many games and i had to cut down on some. i still play time to time, but not like i used to.

Genshin Impact


While I love the game and been pmaying ot sonce the Beta and first day, there is a lack of end game contents.
doing the dailu and weekly and abyss are good, but there is a little lack of things to do.
beside thay, it is still a Gacha games.

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