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Revived Witch | English


Brother and sister,
We found the treasure guys. It's the one and only game (perhaps) that i rated so high in 2021, that i can't believe that this is a free game. So hear me out a little bit what makes this game is so great.

1. So, talking about "game" as general topic, if you had higher interest in art, music, and games medium like me, you will instantly notice that this game is super good it's so finely well made. It's like a premium product, i. e. easy comparison, you can easily tell the difference between 1$ coffee and 10$ coffee just by trying a sip of it.

2. I am not a yostar fanboy (only play arknight around a month, and not diving into blue archive) , but this game are having a good identity. From the 2D artwork, the amount of sprite-pixel animations, the UI in general, or even the soundtrack itself. It's an absolute madlad.

3. (Con) You know, the only thing i might criticize about, are the design of MC. I mean, i know it is a witch from a game called "Revived witch", but imo it's so bland. Like, look at arknight and blue archive. They both have good " frontman", especially the one from arknight i love the character design. Even comparing the MC with the heroes from gacha itself, you can definitely tell what i am trying to say. It is not super worst, like, really bad. It's just lack of "color".

4. FYI, if you don't know, there is a game called octopath traveler that released around '18 (you can Google it maybe i am wrong). This game is definitely inspired by that one. BUT, they improve it in some way and makes it better. My point is, they are creative in a good way.

5. About gacha, it's fine. Like super fine. You get gacha reset for first time to obtain guaranteed UR chara (100x reset). No weapon gacha (can farm). Resource are easy to get once you strong enough. And it's super easy to dive in daily just to farm, like , it's not become a burden to open the game everyday.

6. Last words, don't even think twice. Just play it. I was sceptical at first because im not a super fan of a game that so '' girly '' like game was made for only female audience. But it proves me wrong.

7. Oh. Additional info. If you feeling lost about making your team, or even confuse about tier list. My suggest is, try to get AoE character, a good healer, and a good frontline. Your first UR character should be one of those (i recommend Afallen or Caledonia) because you will get free super decent healer from login reward. MC also is a good dps unit, so you need to just obtain the good front line. But its not a must😋 it's up to you.

*play while using headphone im begging you guys. the music and sound effects are so good.

Seven Knights ll|Global


The score is kinda low, eh? Didn't expect that. Maybe community in this app are having high taste, isn't it?

So, ill give quick summary about what 7knight "2" is.

1. After playing this for first time, i don't know what to feel. Because everything are having auto-path ing. Need some time to reconsider in my mind about what happen in this game, and i might find the answer. What i found is, this game actually a HEAVY story-driven game, that covered as MMORPG game. You can find other players in game with their custom team. But it's still oriented as story game like single player game on console.

2. If you need comparison about what is this game. Maybe imo, its like Final Fantasy XII + Black Desert Online. It's a mix between action and turn based strategy. It's not actually like mmorpg like u can grind level everyday by killing monsters etc. You need resource for leveling character (although you still get exp by exploration and quest).

3. I can see playing this for long term game like the og 7knights. Although it's getting roadblock because daily ticket / entry for your progression, it's still acceptable.

4. About gacha value, uhmm.. I got legendary Rudy from my 3rd 10x pull. I don't know if it's okay, but yeaah. There is pity system as well. Bad thing is, there is also weapon and pet gacha. This one is kinda unacceptable because there is pvp in the game, and this system kinda leading toward p2w. So, for f2p player, plan your gacha well.

5. The rest, you can test by yourself. This game's story is kinda dark tho. Ah yes, it's a fine game.

Pokemon Unite


It's been a month since release so i want contribute by giving small glimpse about this game.

Good :
- it's an action game with pokemon as playable character, (it was years ago since playing pokken tournament)
- it's refreshing, rather than destroying tower by brute force, we are doing slam dunk with style
- 10 minutes per match is actually good. you can save a lot of time comparing with other game with similar genre
- and it's free

Room for improvement :
- because it's a free game, the playerbase are kinda "for fun". it's kinda difficult to find a quality matches especially in rank. let's say out of 10 match, you can only get 4-5 good match. maybe nintendo should improve their matchmaking system
- characters are hiding behind paywall. good thing its farmable because its ingame currency. but you need LOT of time to farm the coin.

i mean, so far the game is in good state and easy to dive in. it's just the playerbase are kinda problem.

Deep Insanity ASYLUM



So. . .
It's unexpected that this game scores so low in Google PS.

I'm gonna do short review to point some of crucial things.

Good :
- Kinda fresh in terms of game's universe and the story.
- Short loading time when do mission / stage area, it's so good.
- A mixed element on exploration value. Rather than tap here and there in home screen to do stuff, in this game you are "exploring" the area before picking stage area. Depends on your perspective, it might or might not good. But it's showing some unique point.

Less good :
- Graphics in overall is kinda disappointing. It's not the worst, but it feels that this is not it.
- Usable character in this game are divided by element. And the bad thing about that point, dev "re-using" same character and makes it different in terms of element. So for i. e: There is fire Klee character. Also there is ICE Klee and WIND Klee, so you need level up all of them for different enemies/stage.
- The UI is kinda meh. Why do i feel like im playing Digimon Rearise. .

For gacha rate, i can say in general it's quite good (or maybe im lucky with this game).

Should you invest your time for this? I don't know the exact answer. But for me, this is an overhyped game. It makes you anticipating from the teaser and sneak peek, but it doesn't fulfill your expectation. Maybe when the series comes out, i should watch it and trying to more understand the universe rather than playing this.

TLDR : It's good and worth it to try. Don't get wrong idea with that negative score. Mostly they are salty because the language barrier or auto-play (which is somewhat bullshxx why criticizing auto mode in 2021).

Review :

So, this is one of my most anticipated game in this year. After playing around a week on japan version ( now towards lv 40 160.000 CP), i will point out some of the good and bad things in here based on my own experience.


- It's a FREE GAME
- an MMORPG game with Ghibli-esque vibe is very rare thing
- Character in-game (npc & our main) has fully animated with such good detail
- You will instantly fall in love with the fun and comedy part of the story
- I dare to say this Ni No Kuni : Cross World has one of the best rendering in aspect of special effect and lighting
- Salute to the environment artist
- So much content in one game (Pet system, World boss, Raid, Tetris, Aladdin, and more)
- Idle rewards (pet, offline farm, guild) are available and give you rewards daily

Not good

- The P2W issue. Maybe more like BDO level of p2w. But it's ok i think. Like, it's a FREE GAME afterall. Unless you want to be more rewarding, just play Ni No Kuni 1 & 2 on console.
- Need improvement in battle system ( target lock ) if you doing manually.
- Need a larger community outside of s-korea and japan. ( I can't even find english guide to learn what to do at beginning. Just found one in qooapp recently)
- Roadblock in the story mode is so bad. You can manage by grinding for 1 day or so, but feel little bit a bad taste because of that.
- Need in game customer service or moderator so possible to report bug or glitch asap (there is one time i glitched by falling into river out of map in dragon boss raid, and i can't do anything but moving around in a other dimension)

Conclusion :

Graphic 5/5
Sound 5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Storyline 5/5
Value 4/5

Try it. It's a fine game. [為什麼] If you still babyrage at auto-mode, just go Genshin. Or, you crying about P2W? Try to see differently like, this lot of people doing hard work for making this product, and you can either spend some for them to running the server or maybe just don't.

Final word, please whenever you do review or something like that, do it with comprehensive. Don't bitxxing around of things you don't like but not mention all other good things are also exist.
(i am sorry if my grammar is not perfect)

AFK Arena | Global


So... Found out this little late, when there is a collaboration with Persona 5. Now this is one of my favorite of mobile game category . This is suitable for everyone, mostly for people that can't do much gaming due to work / life etc. Not the best graphics or gameplay that winning AFK Arena, but the value of overall seems very good, like above average.
Gacha rates seems ok, but at first you may not be able to pull because it costs a bit much, but you can get free scroll for gacha when doing weekly and mission.
Also, customer service is legit. I may be bias, but i never found a mobile game that has this responsibility by giving you direct way to report via chat into the customer service. This is a good selling point.
Negative thing in this game, like every other gacha game, it's hard to compete with the whale. Also, story mode is kinda whatever.
But, the thing that keeps me playing because the curiosity about how strong i can be with my team. Afk rewards also seems fair. So, it feels good.
Also, there are many things to do in the game (mini game, labyrinth, pvp, etc.) so you feel like doing it when you have a time but just keep afk also no problem.
(Hopefully my grammar is not bad [懵懂])

So, start about a month ago when Roger updates was just begin.

Here is the perspective from f2p player.
1. Connection unstable issue (not as always, but occasionally) 2. Unbalance characters (like, Roger Kyoshiro or Oden in the moment) 3. Upgrade medal mechanics is kinda meh (need lot of time and in game money) 4. Clearing daily mission or daily dungeon feels undervalue imo (i prefer clearing event mission or just climb rank) and last 5. Need some improvements in matching players (rank, challenge)

Despite the fact above, i still appreciate the game (like, it feels good playing 3d characters of One Piece). Scoring high in gameplay and graphics. The characters model and map environment also kinda nice.

Here is the review, then next im gonna uninstall because i burn around 1000 gems and no Roger no Oden while all match mode are full with this players and keeps one shot me. [可憐] Move on [可憐]

Maybe gonna come back later if there is another big event.

Definitely best value you could get for this genre. Still waiting for Global version. [難過]

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