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Monster Strike | Japanese


Its EXTREMELY F2P. Gems may not be distributed much throughout your time playing this game but the gacha rates are definitely higher than your average game. 12% for a unit rarity 5 and up is so much better than a 1% (1% in other games). Gameplay is super fun and extremely strategic.

One extreme downfall is the lack of auto gameplay. The game might be fun but sometimes having auto makes the game much more relaxing to play.

Another downfall that I observe is the usage of gps/line in the multiplayer function. Lets be real, if youre on qooapp rn, most likely you arent in japan. This just completely wrecks the gps function in multiplayer. Ive been on this app for quite a few months and I cant find many players to invite into a multi using the line function. The multiplayer mode makes grinding so much easier with luck drops and I highly reccommend downloading the app "GameWith" from your appstore to do multis with other people.

Overall, I dont even know if theres a storyline. I just play for the collabs like many others I know. If youre gonna play this, join the discord grp and get out your google translate cause BOY YOU GONNA NEED IT.[不滿]

Among Us


This game is extremely fun to play (although it might give you trust issues) with people all over the world.
I would suggest joining a discord server for this game though as this game has incredibly shitty communications, you can only type and sometimes the host sets bad settings for the game (for ex. only 60s for vote) Mini games/quests are easy to do too. A fun multiplayer game, but can be easily ruined if people are too toxic (its mostly the people tbh).
If you were like me and came from a stream (mine was sleepy and supertf), you might already know how toxic it can possibly get. People will be shouting but you have to remember to stay calm.

Please do note that this is about a game where you betray or get betrayed by others. You need to have a good skills in lying and manipulation as well as take advantage of human psychology.


Epic Seven | Global


Its pretty f2p but there is going to be a cash wall if you want to be hardcore in this game.

Its easy to get good units but its super hard to get good units that can clear end game content. Super grindy and not for people that have low attention span. It takes real commitment to get good in this game and truthfully even more commitment to retain your excitement for this game. Honestly, after the top guild quit in 2019, the game has spiraled into depression. Alot players quit because they grinded too hard and became exhausted and had no motivation to play anymore.

The new gear bosses only make the game more grindy and honestly I don't even feel like playing this game anymore if I only have to leave my phone on pet mode and auto all the gear grinding. My guild left as they thought playing E7 was a chore. Honestly, I wished they had more content and not just grind hell with getting the highest speed possible as a meta.

Trashy rates with pretty competitive community. Since its the SEA version, its super hard to communicate with others as most of the time they speak Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Indo. The stamina takes too long to refill and its storyline takes too long to unlock. I find myself waiting for stamina refills and heroic stage/boss stage resets more than me actually playing the game. Super challenging content that really requires you to have extreme luck in getting good gear or good heroes. Most of the time I cant even limit break my hero because its almost impossible to get the necessary hero frags to do so. I also dont understand the purpose of putting rank locks on quests. Why would you place a rank 50 lock on an area that is a normal quest? This only just makes players wait longer to unlock the main storyline.

Also I wish they could add King or at least give me tatsumaki in gacha [大哭]

Jumputi Heroes


So in my opinion, its quite f2p in a way. Really good events catered to weebs and normies. To those that say that this game is p2w, you probably spent too much rubies on the wrong items or wrong banners. I really reccommend that you join the discord server to get the line group link because you can receive stamina (up to 100 per day). Great graphics and alot of creativity is put into the customization of each and every hero. Those units that appear in banners may sometimes be worser than the luck units so dont be worried if you dont get a strong hero from gacha. I also advise that you spend your rubies wisely and ONLY gacha when you REALLY want a character. If you dont use rubies wisely, you might have no chance in the next character that they announced abruptedly. (AHEMAHEM DIO)

In order to successfully play this game, try to memorise some japanese:
記念: Special heroes that rarely come on banners
ヒロ: normal heroes available in every gacha banner.
マルチ:multiplay with others
がちゃ: gacha
チーム: Your guild/team
交換: exchange
決闘: Player vs player
ミッション: missions
キャラ強化: Character/unit enhancement
キャラ覚醒: Character/unit evolution
レジェンド強化: Enhancing artifacts that can help you during battles.
キャラ限界突破: Limit breaking your characters

gdluck :D

pretty p2w. This game is not worth your time unless you put money into it. Its storyline has multiple plotholes and all the game cares about is releasing new heroes to get more money.

To clarify, I have played on both jp and global for this game to try to see which one seems better. Both of them have shitty rates and poor ass storyline with jp (obv) having more story than global. If you really want to download, please try the global if you want to reroll as jp is not reroller friendly.

For the people saying that it is not p2w, there are units such as sistina and lisa which ARE p2w and some content requires specific units such as those. They dont come often in banners, forcing players to whale for them.There are games like arknights and azur lane that tries to provide players with f2p content. You can try this game if you want, however you have to keep in mind to not be angry while whaling / being f2p and getting undesirable units

have fun ❤

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my opinion #School_Romance 
Kimi ni Todoke.
although the story is very unrealistic but its cute. I really like how they showcase Kazehayas shy side and they fit each other really really well unlike some other romance animes.
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