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Utawarerumono Lost Flag


ok. after 8 months of deep game play analysis here is my review.
(edited at 22 July 20)

-The Graphic
is without doubt a disappointment
tbh even Utawarerumono 2002's Pixel Art look better.

- Gameplay
start out as a auto battle and then you press skill between that.
it's a little bit too simple but it's can be fill this void by some Boss mechanic
which will made you think about skill timing a bit.

There is no element system in this game, an outright insult to Utawarerumono franchise.
before start battle the enemy will show an icon,
if you match enemy icon with your unit, you will deal 50 percent more damage and take half damage from enemy.

AP in this game is scarce and I mean it. 1 AP per 6 minute when the farming spot cost 18-21.
you may considering use gem to refill AP(100AP : 100gem)
to guarantee event item instead of hoping for a single pull(300gem)

There is a restriction that your unit will not gain more level then you(A player level)
to grind player level you must pass NEW stage. and if you stuck,
good luck and rage to your heart's content.

With the new introduction of HanaFuda mini card game
their reward can finally let you upgrade those low star (after half year ffs)
which tolerate those poor soul that have bad Gacha luck.

- Summon (skip this if you will whale anyway)
if you know about FGO then know that this is worse.
after you get all those gem in the story, you will get a questionable 30 gem from daily quest
and around 150 per 7-days login when there is no login event.

there is very huge gap between "this is usable and outright garbage"

a tip for starter is you MUST reroll to at least have 2 SSR unit
(a 1 SSR is able to clear all stage in this game at the moment but that limited to those that know how to play)
After you have strong enough team to complete VH4 or VH5
I strongly suggest you to save your gem for Anniversary event.

despite all this negative review and you still want to play?
then welcome to the club.

if you want more information there is a discord
and wiki

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