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I Love Gacha Games; GachaMaster 4 LIFE!
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I Love Gacha Games; GachaMaster 4 LIFE!
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Everyone loves this game...for some reason. Anyways, so do I!

10/10. One of the best gacha games/anime out this year! IMO!

I rate it highly and better than the likes of Epic 7 & FGO! My apologies if you like these, but this is a new decade. We need new gacha games that not only can change the old gacha progression systems used previously, but follow the legacy of the best turn-based gacha games before this one. Again, the likes of Epic 7 & FGO.

You know my ratings must be true if like me, you are also a true fan of TenSura. But also play gacha games like this one!

Here is to more games like this in the future!


Super Mecha Champions


Basically this is a MOBA game with MECHS like PUBG with Evangelion or Gundam Fortnite! But out of the big MOBAs to date with FPS, I prefer this a lot as it combines one of the popular genres of gacha games with one of my favourite genres of anime series!

Great game with the only shame being the terrible lag and lack of storyline. But everything else, especially the Mechs and Characters are awesome. This and Apex Legends are IMO the best MOBA's on my smartphone! Can not wait to join the fun smashin' and shootin' em up!

Thanks for reading! *PEACE!* ✌

It's Mushoku Tensei! What is there to be said, that hasn't already been said down below...

But for me, it's like this! Like Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation DX2 before it, I love everything about it! The first actual game based on this wonderful world of an isekai, great gacha gem for this generation!

And Roxy's Best Girl! I love her, as everyone else loves Megumin!!!

There! I said it! Hope you're satisfied!
But if not, that's fine. Thanks for reading my review.

This and Persona 3 are my favourite games from Shin Megami Tensei. Love it or Hate it, as for me i like it!


Closest to Genshin with beautiful graphics and iconic characters and also that works better on my potato phone, even though it lags more and crashes on multiplayer, as least for me. If you have better games such as Genshin and 7DS, and like SAO a lot, you can play this on the side, when you run out of stamina/resin.

Anyways, my favourite part of this game is creating and playing as your own character instead of always Kirito or Asuna...but Koharu, your A.I. partner is such a sweetheart and really helps you whilst playing through the levels, but there is a lot of grinding and getting lucky pulling at gacha pulls for those sweet 5 stars avatars & skillcards! Hope this review gets some likes, especially if like me, you love SAO! ☆PE@CE!☆

As a big fan of Final Fantasy VII, XV, Dissidia NT, WOFF and Type 0. I love this game as it is like a huge love letter for the fans, full of my favourite characters! Anyways, this is definitely one of my favourite gacha games, which contains one of my favourite game franchises of all time! Peace!✌☺

Lord of Heroes


[哇噻]. The fact that you can change hairstyles for the male lord to match Joker from Persona 5 or for the female lord to almost looks like Akame from Akame ga Kill, is a huge plus in my book.

In addition, the game looks too good, plays well just like other turn based games and has fast loading times, which makes it such a great way to play on my bad smartphone, that can't handle great/better high graphical, demanding games like Exos Heroes or Genshin Impact very well.

But I am a fan of these and other gacha games that I like to play such as 7DS and FGO, even though the gacha rates for both is a problem for me.

The best thing about this game is that there is no hero gacha! Beware! You may be put off the amount of payment options and advertisements. But some offers are good & reasonable.

Very Rare heroes are locked behind paywalls, but for the early starters and some useful ones you only need to go through the story. But you do have to log in every week and need to have enough crystals & sufficient resources in order to get them.

Hope that you like my new revised review, as I have made some additional changes and updated it for the current year!

Thanks for reading my review. PE@CE! 😎✌!

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