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Well I just love game and anime so I will be helping out with the guide. Only in the game I play OK? I don't know what I don't even know after all.
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Well I just love game and anime so I will be helping out with the guide. Only in the game I play OK? I don't know what I don't even know after all.
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Tower of God: New World


This game... Honestly the only good side is literally the graphics. Why? If you play the game you will start to realise that it's literally more like work... If you want to catch up to majority of people to get most of the rewards? You pretty much had to p2w or play 24/7... I already expected that any players are using bots now. That's just how badly it can be...

Why does it has to be this way? Ironically without the limiting stamina games like there's will be like a 24/7 work. It's NOT fun when you had to play all the time.

This pretty much the failure of not taking in notes of how normal player would feel. The fear of missing out would kill them indirectly when you don't set a clear limits. Funny right? Many would want to play the game for a long time but this is too long!

The only good part is the graphics are way better than the other Tower of God Great Journey. That one is a huge mess... It's literally just JPG gacha game with too expensive paywall... There's a reason why that game will never surpassing 4/5 score and sticks at 3/5...

This one at least good graphics. So I can understand why it has 4/5. It still looks real cool. But that's pretty much all that is...

It's one beautiful looking "mess"

I don't think gamers would want more endless content to play... What we would want is new challenge not "more work"

Gameplay 2/10
Story 8/10
Gacha 7/10
Overall 5.67/10

I would never recommend you playing this at all... Please don't waste your time here like I did...

At furst I thought the game was perfect however there's one fatal flaw that will completely breaks the game if not solved now... I will rate each content it has as following

1) Gun mechanics - Ironically this game does not have weapon power creep because of character. It's mostly the weapon type. If it's not the same as the character the damage will be lower and that is all. Also every guns are fun to play without any problems.


2) Characters - This one also everyone are strong. The only problem isn't the power they have it's just some can be too niche it's weird... Like "The Two" has running skills but there's no stage that needs you to run... I think they should have just make character like this limited as an event character as a fun addition gameplay... They do NOT fit regular stage at all! That's the problem. Not because they are weak but completely out of place. Meanwhile all the characters if you built them enough they are all powerful. The top tier units are mostly because you can uses all their damage easier. If you want challenge you can freely uses bad character.

Also most of the meta units are actually the free team the game had already gave you. With additional by getting the SSR sniper from the free SSR picks. That's literally all you need to rush through the game. Another meta for submachine gun is actually the SR too... The SSR one is worse cause she's hard to uses. Literally majority of meta units already exists as SR units. If you play long enough you will get why too. Even more Valkyrie is still one of the best in any stages of the game.


3) Story mode - This one is just normal honestly. The story is something you would expect from apocalypse setting. So far nothing good or bad yet. At least the battles are fun. There's no power creep for using wrong characters too. The only thing you would fail is using the WRONG gun and lost. It is highly advised to maxed 5 different type of gun users. That will makes you versatile in any stages. You can clear any old stage with more creative ways too with many type of guns.

Story 6/10

Gameplay 10/10

4) Grinding - All the characters mats and weapon upgrade are actually easy too. You can max 1 character out of one full energy grind. The same goes with weapon upgrades too. Meaning it will takes just 2 days to fully gear up your characters. The only part that is hard is the Logistics or the "Artifact" of this games... The drop rates are random after all which is suck...


5) Gacha - This game the gacha is just there to unlock the characters. All the pieces and evolution can be grind in each of their own character stages. This can only be unlocked once you have them. Overall it's really just a 1 time thing for gacha. It's actually pretty decent and f2p friendly. Also they have 50/50 roll and "guarantee weapon banner" as well.


6) Endless challenge raid [Extremely bad flaws in game design]

All the boss and enemies here in there's stages have am extremely Horrible optimizsation. Instead of doing more damage make it important for you to dodge them? Dodge anything is a waste of time and why so? The enemies HP are too high anything else beside attacking is a time waste... This is bad game design too. I love the game boss and enemies mechanics but this is the one stage you have to forget about them all and focus on dealing damage only. Yep like ignoring every breakable weakness and go straight to the DPS... You WILL be forced to lost not by dying but literally time out. Every enemy there does not even scaled by players level. The scales are completely off because of this abnormal HP. Even if you are precisely the same level? It will takes 10 times the amount you wpuld take for lower level. Oh this will give you a timeout if you didn't realize... Having too much HP just to buy time isn't fun. Its horrible.

Oh I also realize why it was possible to do in co-op too. The teammates was so overly overlevel in everything. This will be bad and why so? If this happens in end game it will be like this.

End game you need level 150 to beat the boss.
Max level of the game is 100.

Question: How do you overlevel the raid boss when your max level can't even reach impossible level?

Good question right?

The real problem is this game FOCUS on adding more HP instead of making it diffeculty... This can't go on! It only works in MMO games because there's no time limit. This isn't MMO! Its an action game with format of stages and time limits! I feel like the game dev does not understand what it means to be action games yet...

The game should had made the boss less tanky and focus on "growing DPS stats as time progresses" This is way better and a common tactics many action games uses. You CAN beat the enemy very fast but too slow they will grow too powerful and one hit kill you.

I don't even know what is fun about hitting enemy that will never die in time limits. I even do like 90% Accuracy of every bullets at the enemy... Guess what lost by time limit. And no not by 1% HP... The boss still have like 70% fking HP... WHAT IS THIS! So no matter how much I try or play it doesn't matter... OK...

This isn't diffeculty... This is just impossible...

Co-op 5/10

Solo 1/10 (Horrible when you lost by time)

7) Bosses - All the bosses are 100% unique and actually pretty good. I have no problems with them at all... It will only be hard if you uses the wrong type of guns. Just as I said you best build all type of guns so you won't be in this problems.


8) Overall

10 x 4


6 + 5 + 1

Total 7.5/10

I would gladly recommended anyone playing this game. Unless you touching the endless content or end game... That one best left never mentioned at all...

I have play the game and let me say my mind... Is it worth? Absolutely not and why so? You are at the mercy of the game that your account is totally not safe at all... Your account can randomly get hacked or lost cause of a game bug.

This happens to me too. I tried the game yesterday at 2nd June 2023 at 1:00 AM till 8:30 AM. (GMT+7)

I'm a complete newbie have not spent anything and only play one servers... Guess what the game told me when I log in again at 2:00 PM?

"Please leave the guild in your previous world."

I triple check and its totally the same servers I'm currently on... For some reason either the game is bugging or a hacker already got my account and play in other servers. That's basically the last time I will ever play the game again...

The lack of account security is extremely lacking. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING TO THIS GAME! Its never worth it if you going to lose it at the mercy of its buggy mess...

Now with the bug issues which is like 3 years old and still happening now over with...

Let's talk about how F2P it is... The answer is no... This is Bandai and they are extremely greedy in any luve service games. Only if iits one time payment game is when they are not greedy. Its their official game title after all.

From floor 1-3 spoiler you get like 250-500 Arcana per quest! Great right? That's the only happiness you will get cause afterwards everything will only rewards you just 10-50 Arcana...

Meanwhile the gacha is like 2500... What is this... You expect me to clear anything like 50-250 times??? What is this imbalance grinding... Not to mention most of them obly give you ONCE too... Not a repeatable quest btw...

Also the paywall is like even the monthly payment only give you 3000... Bruhh... That's just 1 ten roll!!! Its funny to say this but even Hoyoverse games is more fair in gacah cause they at least give you 15-20 rolls per month...

As a formal top 10 SAO memory defrag I can say this with certainly...

Bandai Live Service SAO games = No life gaming.

You either have to pay or play 20/7. I got to that rank for free marely because I have no life at all...

There's a good reason why there's no beginners guide of 2023 now. Because the states of the game now is completely not friendly to gamers. Anyone can instantly lost all the progress and even so its impossible to follow the game's tread with how unfair the rewards are...

I feel the same like most of Bandai Live Service games too... Though I will not lie but Tales of Arise is a modern good game. They can make good games if only they leave the live service notorious deed out... They kinda suck at doing that...

Not to mention this js what make SAO Memory Defrag have to shut down too. Its counter market by going against player like this... If player just leave most of their game will be short lived.

Note - To those who might said my ohone suck... Sorry had to flex to you but its not... IIts flagship phone...

Name - Realme GT 2 Pro
Specs - Ram 12 GB + 12 GB
Processor - Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Battery - 5000 mAh

This phone can run Genshin Impact at maximum graphics settings... What do you mean my phone can't run the game? Its not my phone! Its your buggy game!

If the game is broken no matter how powerful the phone is its pointless... It's still a fact that its a shtty game...

Aether Gazer | Global


This game after trying it? You can technically play with just the main character group in the entire game. The problem isn't the damage but rather the playstyle. Like ask yourself WHAT is your playstyle?

I have to say this before but the tier list is made with the intention of how easy to play they all are. This is why in CN limited version of Hera is the strongest. Its because she have the best support skill and AI mechanic. Like Hera is all you need to roll for honestly.

Now with the tier list problem out? First the good part
1) As I said you can play literally anything. This game is made by the same company that create Arknights which is a game where you will eventually get every unit... Also same as Azur Lane too. If anything the only P2W is the costume. They making more money with cosmetics alone lmao!
2) How easy to get S unit? TBH even S rank unit CAN be really bad... Would you believe me that one of them required you to play 20 combo skill? Yes its "Ryugiri Kagutsuchi" There's rarely anyone would like THAT kind... Also failing his combo will dramatically reduce his damage too... This is the kind that S unit usually be. If you fail their combo they lose literally all damage. Meanwhile the low rank unit have little combo. Anyone can use them without worry. It's really depends on how the skill combination in the end. Even the lowest rank can beat the boss... I just use main character team and already beat the raid boss. Ironic they deal better damage than S rank team due to combo.
3) The artwork and character appearance are also pretty good too. Also both voice fit them well.
4) I tested with the paywall and honestly? It's not too expensive and they didn't just added TOO many to forced you to pay it... If anything there's only just VIP tree for thsoe who willing to pay. The value of that thing is just a trophy too. You do NOT actually needed them at all... It will be a beautiful collection and that is all.

Now for the issues... Please fix this?
1) Colors... I don't mean the game color theme but the BATTLE theme... Why changing their color all the time? It will be confusing as fk to know which is an attack or which is the after effect of an attack... I have good reaction and can reach master rank+ in any MOBA game... I can't react if the color just confused me. This will be WAY worse for newbie or low reaction speed player... I would feel bad for them... Game shouldn't make it hard to see even more if its action based... Do that only in mystery game please not here...
2) Action indicator can also be confusing even when they uses just one color... Why? The whole stage just somehow share the same color as the attack location... Same as last problem I CAN'T SEE!!! WTF!!! I'm not color blind but why placing red indicator on red floor... Its confusing... Literally became invisible... Most of the time a lot of attack turned into silent attack...
3) There's no warning indicator of which unit attack. This will soon be a huge problem when the game throw in 100+ enemies in one area... You will get jump on and can't even reacts at all...
4) Long range indicator can also be confusing... This is because when its long you won't see the end of it to know WHEN the attack will happen. This is where most of my mistake happens too. Like again how when I can't see...
5) There's no sound to warn of each attack too. This can be fatal too for player who uses sound more than visuals. It will take them a lot of time to get uses to it...

Honestly to sum up the game is incredible f2p much like Azur Lane and Arknights. The only problem is like I said... The visibility is just horrible... I can't even see most action... Also your ally AI can make it worse too. You can't exactly turn them all down too cause you have to team up with them...

Like yeah... Please find a better color theme for the action parts... I'm not even color blind yet here I am... I'm blind and had to use my raw gamer instinct to randomly dodge...

Honkai: Star Rail


The game itself is perfect for sure. 100% the best new free to play mobile game of the year currently. It really shows that they really planned far with this game. There's countless way to do and test your strategy. There's no such things as one way option too.

The strength I would say
1) The art are VERY beautiful... It's stunning!
2) The puzzle is fun too. For some people it's hard but it's actually not...
2.1) The cubes level is really easy cause it's 2x2.
2.2) The sign one is also just you playing with robes. Just use robes logic or buy a real one. It's not hard.
2.3) The only hard puzzle is the ship map... Like I can understand the frustration. It's the logic formula type of puzzle of "A => B+C" case... This is hard even for those good with math. Because they are a trick question meant for you to be confuse lol
3) There's explaination over common mechanic too.
4) There's a road map for enemies and grinding space which is really good...
5) Characters felt more alive than in Genshin Impact and you can talk to them any time. I live that!
6) This game can be played completely free to play too. The best Free to play team is available for everyone such as a combination of
----"Trailbrazer, Natasha, Asta and Dan Heng"----
7) The game's value for sure is the best out of all the game I had played this year...

The only flaw I would say is...
1) The gacha is still bad even more in light cone banner and character banner. They really need to bring back Genshin Impact rule to split them up. It's not a treat idea to mix them up lmao!
2) Relics is still bad but they try their best to fix it... Like the customization build. The problem is why make it available just 1 per month??? That's bad... You would need like at least 2+ with how many the character in this game had...
3) The stamina does not have the same weight as what required to grind. Seriously it takes just a few stamina and you can't even level them all up. It's pretty hard.
4) There should be some explaination about some unique skills like Tingyun's skill. This one many newbie just confused over what it is...
5) There should be the one guide book note about damage result. This will help newbie a lot! I already know the formula cause I play Genshin Impact... But can you say the same to pure newbie? Nope... They would ask a veteran like me to "WTF is damage formula"



This games will be VERY hard for newbie but is it possible to started with it? Actually yes... Follow this step...

1) Turn off internet and also set the note speed and sound sync. I recommend you use the note speed a around around 1-5.5

Yes this is the game that its not bad to make the notes move slow. If anything even if its slow there's still a lot going which can makes it just as hard as fast notes.

2) Play level 1 till you full combo and step it up by each level to progress. If you fail to do the next level diffeculty clear all other song in the current level you just full combo.

3) You will find out that somehow you keep getting better at the game... Yes it happens to me... Because this games encourage you to train more than anything.

Take notes

1) Being offline will not affect the potential and this is good for you as newbies. You will fail a lot so you don't have to worry about minus potential lol

2) Don't play too much though... Touch glass too this games won't ran away from you...

3) NEVER started out with collaboration or buying them first! Clear as lot of music in free chart still the hardest diffeculty first than you can move forward. Why? Cause collaboration songs are 10 times harder than the free songs... You will die guarantee. If there's names isn't enough to scare you I don't know now...


Basically you kinda wasted most of your money on a song you can't complete for a long time... Well not me though cause I somehow managed it "half dead" Its pure pain and suffering...

The game itself is NOTORIOUS hard but not impossible if you didn't count those troll map April's Fool days... Well even with that compare to every other game it's still winable. They just troll you with new gimmick not making it impossible.

So yeah even the hardest chart is possible to win someday even if you started out in this game. You just needs training.

There's also no gacha which is a HUGE plus... I don't understand why many rhyme games have to be gacha... This is the thing that highly limited the gameplay TBH.

The paywall is huge but that's just because the music list are hired by an actual pro. It's basically like buying extra game feature so I can't complain... Plus it does give you a lot of bonuses for just one purchase...

***But all the stories one first though. Those are a must buy if you willing to use money!!! The most broken partners in the game ARE in that too!!!

Now to the issues... World map... Yes it's notoriously slow as fk!!!! But with the said strongest partner I mention she can easily shredding the world map with literally 130-300 steps... That's like 1.5-4 times of a normal world progression btw...

This is why I said STORIES song list are the first priority if you want to buy it... It will really change a lot in a good way.

Oh yeah all the songs are a banger too!!! Even if you just enter the stage and left it alone can be a good experience... It's fun to even just listen to them...

Now let me be real everyone is hype when it was released including me... For me it's look like a fun game with guns and all but the rate I will give this will be low and there's a good reason.

Now let's start with the good part.
1) The game really have a fun real time event during combat. There's even an auto mode that helps the player too.
2) Anime Plot (Yeah...)
3) The starting story really get us for sure... They really have the best introduction to the game.

Now we will touch the bad parts...
1) (Will be fixed) There's TON of bugs and yeah I knows its still new... Just like some menu never gets updates or something...
2) Auto mode can be annoying and it will at time AVOIDING THE OBVIOUS WEAKNESS even if you control the aim manually... WTF!!!
3) Friend afding is sht and you can only do it in official Discord
4) This may be a controversial but the game combat will reduce all your combat power by 25% if you are NOT at a recommended power score... (No its not by 75%) This is really bad cause even if you are stronger just by having 1 points lower you WILL lost... Its no wonder why I somehow lost with just 10 points lower... WTF game??? This shouldn't be a feature!
5) Having too many SSR but no puty gacha system... This means the game is close to unplayable because most unit you will likely play are SSR. The SR units will get heavily power creep on... The worst part is the game never bother adding any meta SR unit like how Genshin Impact did too.
6) Again with gacha on SSR topic... That is some SSR can be weaker than ecem R units too... WTF??? Why didn't you just makes thsoe girls R rate than??? If they are sht they shouldn't even be SSR!!
7) I did praise the starting stories but later it became cliche... It starting out strong with sad story and some brats you want to beat (That one shorty rich loli) But that's all... The story later on is just finds enemies and beat them... They really ran out of ideas...
8) The paywall is HUGE too... Its too high I even sees them as luxury item... Heck no I will pay that much... Even beginners gacha is like overcost... I never pay that much to starts a games... If anything ut should be around 1$ not 20$+...

That's why my score is like this
1) 7/10 gameplay
2) 7/10 graphics
3) 5/10 stories
4) 0/10 value (Will never pay money)
5) 0/10 gacha (Too many SSR)

That's 3.8/10



Honestly as someone outside of play store regions i thought tmi may bot be able go play this game but nope...

Konami never regions ban my country which is awkward for Play store... Play store why can't i download this game from you?

Besite that the game itself is very good for sure. BTW if you looking for story don't play this vame cause there's no story. This isn't like Duel Links when there is some story in it.

Also warning for those with bad eyesight. Konami still never really FUX THE DAMN SKILL TEXT! I know they can only cram in skill text in real life cards but this is digital...

You can just adds Numbers for each and different skills. Sure ut will make it longer but it's easier to read that way.

I can understand the Skills but it's just hard to read haha...

Genshin Impact


The game for sure is pretty well made. I have tried the game since beta and yeah the game really have grown from just known as Breath in the Wild copy to an actual original game.

Though there's still flaw
1) The gacha is a nightmare... Yeah...
2) Servers in other regions servers are pretty bad unless it's in your zones. At best other servers are just your alt account that would be diffecult to play with friends from other regions.
3) This one is the marketing team... Like the rewards program are pretty bad too now there's day... At the very least the game normal rewards are still good.
4) Diffeculty spike balanced issues that isn't friendly to newbies.

However as a game itself it's a perfect 5/5. Like if ONLY the promotion teams are as good as in Honkai Impact. The PV in this game is kinda like yikes...

Honestly if there's a promotion scores I would have give it a 0/5 in that category.

D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


The game itself for sure it's VERY unique part is to how you can endlessly mixing so many music together to create a better setlist. That's indeed what this game let you do and I love that part.

However the flaw is pretty obvious that its lack of music. Why did I still say it's lacking even after it has 280+ music?

Well if you have to count so many music that existed than yes that's too few still... It's not like they can do anything too because they don't own a lot like how SEGA owned all right for Hatsune Miku music which is a lot...

A lot of it has to do with being a game company too. They can't just carelessly adding music or there will be a copyright law suit.

Aside from that the gacha is pretty much just for waifu or event. If you don't go crazy on them than there's no need to spend any money.

This game if you looking for a chill and fun F2P game? You are in the right place cause this game will offer you just that. I also tried it too and what a surprise... For over 3 month I never spent any cents at all!

Now that's cleared out for F2P.

Now for the graphic? Honestly it's also pretty high quality too if you don't mind what the localization did with the censorship...

The story is 100% a recommend one too. As you would expect from CyGame they would have good story to back it up.

The gameplay can feel a bit cheap but that's only if you didn't take note to the min-max level and equipment. Trust me it's very hard and you can easily mess up the build... But for casual player it will look cheap.

This game honestly if you don't even take gacha as a factor? It's technically a free premium music game of Projects Diva franchise.

For sure its a game that has more value than what it should be!

That's partly to why the gacha is so expensive too. I mean the game itself would be considered around 40$ triple A game. So it's not like you can complain about it...

Everything about the game is perfect for sure though the story has minor issues which are something they can't deal with...

Like because there's too many genres of music which makes it diffecult to create a story surrounded them...

Tower of Fantasy | Global


The game by itself is good but it could have been way better... They really rushing it enough that you can see that they copying homeworks more than actually make anything remotely new... Well ONLY to Mobile player would see it as a new thing but in actuality there's a better and free game out there which is clearly it's original copy... [汗顏]

1) Game MAPS. This is one thing most game has their own unique way of art but this game pretty much copying the ideas from one of SEGA famous game Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS game. You can check on Google you will see it's pretty much almost identical...

I will forgive them because it's easier that way and the map UI is pretty neat.

2) Freedoms combat system... While the game may say it's purely originally but hold up it's also yet another features in Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS... I will make a comparison

2.1) Tower of Fantasy
-Weapon from gacha or farm. Limited being for PVP and farm for PVE. Yes,
I did research and the game will be fair as long as you don't touch PVP
-You can attack by combined combo with 3 weapon you set.
-PVP set all stats as equals but not items skills... Yes this is why limited weapon are better.
-Freely movement with stamina systems.
-Freedom in character creation with staff you own over 30 variety but with limitations on body shapes.
-(Issues) Bot spam make it hard for Solo player to form a party...
-No unique classes
-Can be played in both phones and PC

2.2) Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS
-Can used up to 1-4 weapons per classes and all of them has unique passive, skills and attacks pattern unique to each class
-No gacha involve unless you rolls for fashionable staff. The weapons are also only by grinding which mean 100% F2P.
-It has many unique class and you can combined together with Subclasses system and you can always change them anytime at the base. Levels will be unique to each classes too so you can learn how to play them as you level them up.
-PVP will remove all stats, level and equipment. It will be a 5v5 base conquer and PVP points. The weapon will be provided randomly during the match this mean the PVP is 100% skill based.
-Infinite combination of fashion and body editing to face expression.
-Negative point is the game is only for PC... If anything Tower of Fantasy will have no face at all if SEGA decided to make that game for mobile...

3) Honestly while the gacha of the game is indeed better than Genshin Impact the only thing it won over Genshin Impact is just being open worlds and online... Everything else are still just as good or equal. As i said before the gacha is ONLY if you sre heavy PVP.

4) Story actually pretty much a cliches infection villains too... Like i swear Arknights already did this if not way better... You can even check it. Since the beginning the infected are not really evil but much more complicated. This one straight out all of them are evil... OK... Story is something even Isekai can be put to shame...

5) Graphics are just as good as Genshin Impact so don't go and say they are way better... Honestly i have no issues with that at all. Its good enough.

Lastly as a reminders this isn't made to be an anti of this game but just hoping developer will next time take their time to develop a game... Like imagine if this game had taken more time and adding similar staff to what SEGA has done? Honestly the game will last way longer...

If you asking "Won't that hurt their income cause people won't pay for gacha"
Nope... If you make the game good enough people will still buy it for waifu and husbando.

The infamous one being Fate Grand Order. The game already calculate to make it possible to run all quest even the highest level with just free low rarity units. Yes you can even look them up online and try the "No SQ gacha summons run" By using just whatever your FP gacha gave you.

So why such game is still running? They make all the unit more attractive that people want to roll them... Yes not forcing people to roll gacha actually made people pay them more. It's a paradox reaction.

This is kinda why I really hope many gacha game use this tactics. It will support them in the long run and actually make the game fun instead of just being p2w bs.

TBH if you really like this type of game I highly recommend you play the PC game Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS. You will understand why I said that game is a "better original than a copy" [微笑]

It's still sad SEGA is just too slow in this kind of thing... People would love to play that game more but it's only in PC... Plus the computer specs is considered middle class too... That's not easy to get unless you are main PC gamers.

Arknights | English


I will be honest they really go all out with the artwork during story. You guys should seriously read it. All of them would be a novel worth over 40$ or higher. This the good part about the game and what I like so much.

The hardest part though is actually time consuming... You can reach the top ananytime. My account already reach level 70 and have over 10 E2. This happen only within 2 months. I'm serious but that is when I min-max all the insanity recovery speed by never let it reach max and also spent them all the time. It's time consuming for sure.

For the event that people sure have to make a fuss on... It ain't that big of the deal if you know the intention of the game. All those EXTREME difficulty quest you can just ignoring them and clear just the bare minimum for all the welfare. That's all you need to do. Other extra is just there for mats to speed up your grinding. I don't get with this fuss. I just having fun.

My problem with this is I do wish the game character won't be in their chibi form. They have a very great character CG so it's such a shame. The game is still pretty good though.

The gameplay is always existing and yeah sometimes too hard if you DIDN'T read the recommendation of level. This is where all the rage quite happen...

The graphic is pretty good better then most phone game too. Well FGO would rival such artwork. The sound is decent but not the best for sure. The value of this game I rate it to 3/5 not because it's bad. It's because the value of this game only determine to how far you have farm. Those who ain't going correctly or not farming daily will see this game in lower value. That's just the reason for it.

Honestly this game value effect more than money. Even if you get every character in the game? You know what time this is...
"Farming time"

It's always time for farming... At least all the girls were cute during the time in the base. I poke on them quite a lot. Not in that way you perv.

Everything iis already perfect but it's just people misunderstood that this is a P2W game... First of all this isn't PVP game but a ONLINE VN CO-OP RPG game. You can grind to be a pro.

Beginner's guide:

For those who willingly to paid. Only paid for a servant you want or 100% banner. You will get broke otherwise cause some even pay 500$ and get nothing. I got my Cu Culain Alter from there so as Bikini Archer Artoria waifu... 100% 5 star banner is always worth every bucks. Will only the 5% of those 5 star can be pretty useless though. I can't expect you gonna be THAT misfortune.

List of any servants that can help you even with low luck:

Here's my account 270,710,747 in case you are stuck. Another guide is try have a friend that can help you in any scenario e.g. my Cu Culain which is a Bersecker that can survive most quest and can deal good damage. I added "ignoring invicible" that will still attack any enemy even with evade or invisible. That is what type of "Can be use in any scenario" kinda friend. Everyday the list of most use support is my Cu Culain even to this day xD

He's OP with that after all.

Also for English server here's a fun fact... We already have a future sight kinda information based on the JP which this server will follow straight to the line. Read any info or future servants in here

Those will be 100% accurate.

Also kept Friend point to use for events only. That's how you speed run any events with event craft essence.

Now pls if you excuse... Don't go around and trash talk this game again... You may not know but this is the No. 2 game too in actual online gaming rank. The game is always fair for how much amount you grind. All pro or whale like me have those OP combination support because of grinding too... I won't get that craft that gave "Ignoring invicible" if I didn't grind Valentine's Day event.

Also another fair thing for this game is... Majority of all SSR can solo all quest in the game if done right... YES! It is possible even with Lancer Vs Saber can be possible. Strategies and grinding is what really important. SSR will still be useless if you don't grind. Even a 3 star can deal up to 10M. Even a 4 star can deal up to 1M without any buff at all like "Anne and Mary."

Watch YouTube you will see... Yeah... Even just all 3 star lower servant can carry your team. Ever heard of forever 1HP game run? That was 3 star Cu Culain lancer BTW... A regular normal and weak 3 star you trash talk about...

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Guide: Silver Wolf DPS/Debuffer I finally win 50/50 with her... With this she kinda open up a lot more game options now. If you don't know what uses she have?
1) Balance Build - Can debuff and also deal damage as your main DPS. Her ultimate technically deal as much as the Hunt class.
2) Support Build - This will focus at debuffing more. So this build will have a ton of speed and effect rate up. This is because every attack she makes will debuff an enemy so getting so many turn give her that many chances as well.
Honestly for the long run I highly recommended Balance Build. It's more versatile.
Silver Wolf Skill sets
1) Basic Attack - Quantum damage of 50-110 to one enemy.
2) Skill 
75-87% to add one weakness based on your team and reduce that elements weakness res by 20% for 2 turn
Reduce all elements res by 7.5-10% for 2 turns
Deal 98-216% quantum to one enemy
3) Ultimate
85-103% to decrease enemy's def by 36-47% for 3 turns
Deal 228-410% quantum to one enemy.
4) Talent - Every attack have 60-74% chance to plant bugs with random debuff effect as following.
Reduce ATK by 5-11%
Reduce def by 4-9%
Reduce SPD by 3-7%
5) Technique - Deal 80% quantum damage that ignore all enemies weakness type.
Silver Wolf Traces
1) Generate (A2)
Bugs duration increase by 1 turn
Silver Wolf weakness break can also plant bugs with 65% chance
2) Inject (A4) - Weakness that was added will have additional 1 turn duration.
3) Side Note (A6) - If attack the enemy with 3 debuff using skills. Reduce all elements res additional by 3%.
Summerize Eidolon 
E1 - Silver Wolf regen energy after using ultimate. For every debuff the enemy has she regen 7 energy up to 5 times. (Max 35)
E2 - Reduce all enemies effect res by 20%
E4 - Ultimate deal additional 20% of ATK per debuff up to 5 times. (Max 100%)
E6 - Increase all damage dealt to enemy per debuff by 20% up to 100%.
My verdict with her honestly she's really broken at max Eidolon but you do not need that. Even as Eidolon 0 she is still very powerful as she is.
Oh one thing I should clear up is... Break Effect only increase damage when the character break the shield. It does not help you break the bar quicker and Silver Wolf attack count is actually really horrible too... Like come on she hit one at the time... Those who deserves Break Effect up are those with high attack count as following.
1) Asta - The strongest fire shield breaker.
2) Sampo - The strongest wind shield breaker.
3) Herta - If the boss LOVE spawning infinite enemies? Herta's shield break will also be infinite...
4) Welt - Literally a skill that hit 5 times...
Those are the only 4 unit deserve to use Break Effect sets. Those with just 1 hit count does not go well with break effect! If anything anyone else would beat them to it making those stats useless... Since it only works when they are the one breaking the shield.
So ironically the set advice about using Thief of Shooting Meteor is completely useless for Silver Wolf...
Silver Wolf does not need any of that... She will be too slow to do any worthwhile shield break. Reminder why she adding Weakness again? It's so your ally HIT that weakness NOT Silver Wolf herself. So it's kinda a contradiction to make her as such...
With all her skill and trace in consideration? This will be the best set for Silver Wolf.
Balance Build
1) Set combination
Genius of Brilliant Stars (Full sets) - Increase quantum by 10%, ignore def by 10% and additional if they are weak to quantum by 10%.
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise - Increase effect hit rate by 10%. Also increase ATK by 25% of your effect Hit Rate. The maximum amount is 25%. This is actually really broken on any Nihility units with high effect hit amount.
2) Main stats
Body - Effect Hit Rate or Critical Rate
Feet - ATK% or Speed
Planar Sphere - Quantum
Link Rope - Energy Regen
3) Sub stats priority
Effect Hit Rate - Try hit 100% to get the maximum effect of the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise. This is actually very easy with Before the Tutorial Mission Starts that give you 40% effect hit rate. The default total will be 50% effect hit rate.
If the effects hit rate reach the requirements you can focus on Critical Rate at least 30% and than go full Critical Damage.
Support Build
You can replace Genius of Brilliant Stars with Musketeer of Wild Wheat. Yes literally that easy... That will be enough to make her fast.
1) Why using Genius of Brilliant Stars instead of Thief of Shooting Meteor?
The answer is that Silver Wolf does not have enough attack count to break enemy shield most of the time. It should be obvious your ally will do that instead of you. With this you would rather build Silver Wolf full DPS much like Seele. This will be more flexible.
2) Why using Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise with 100% effect hit rate?
This is actually thx to the free event Light Cone. With this it is now possible to go farther beyond and make that relics works as a 25% ATK booster which is the HIGHEST damage boost set. It wasn't possible until now.
100% hit rate actually makes every debuff or attack Silver Wolf will do successful at 100% rate. Yes with the debuff res nerfing you can make it happen at 100% now. Basically you hit 2 bird with 1 stone for DPS and debuff.
3) Why does the build seem familiar to Hunt class?
It should be obvious from Silver Wolf skill damage by itself... She hit just as hard despite not being one... This just give you the opportunity to make her your second DPS on top of support.
Light Cone (Rank)
1) Before the Tutorial Mission Starts - Effect hit rate +40% and when attack def down enemy Regen 8 energy.
2) Incessant Rain
Effect hit rate 24-40%.
Critical rate +12-20% if enemy have 3+ debuff
Every attack have 100% to add aether code debuff to enemy that doesn't have one yet. This debuff increase damage receive by 12-20%
3) Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat - 60-100% to ensnared an enemy without this debuff. This debuff reduce def by 12-16%.
4) In the Name of the World - Increase damage to debuff enemies by 24-40%, skill effect hit rate +24-40% and ATK +24-40%.
Sadly her own Light Cone actually not that good for her if you don't maxed it's effect level... Why? The most important thing about Nihility isn't fancy effect but "effect hit rate" If they miss that's the end of their whole career...
Meaning funny enough her own light cone is the worst for her compare to the free event Light cone. Just because you can max it out.
This is why I said this to literally everyone... The event Light Cone is completely broken! You basically hit 5 star level of effect hit rate... Like you can even compare them 1 by 1... It's the same lol
Also the best part is ANY Nihility needs them! 
Also Welt's Light Cone is pretty bad for Silver Wolf funny enough... Only because Silver Wolf debuff literally 24/7 of the time. Every attack will debuff an enemy not just skills. However it is still the strongest Light Cone. It's just not fit for Silver Wolf. Yes because Silver Wolf is so broken that Light Cone just doesn't fit with her...
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