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just maybe, i spend too much on game.
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just maybe, i spend too much on game.
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I was curious, so I took a risk, and fell down this rabbit hole. Was not disappointed though.

Graphic: I've been a fan of Yana Toboso's artstyle since forever, so the graphic absolutely speaks to me. It's not your normal shining kirakira boys, but they shines in their own way, and the design actually differs for all characters.

Gameplay: I play a lot of grinding gacha before, but in this game grinding is just pressing the loop button. That's it. I don't even need to set up macro. Absolutely brilliant, and very much less tedious. The rthymic game is actually fun, and the music for it is while of course not on a rthyme-game level, still very good and decent. Boss fight isn't actually that hard if you grind enough to level your card. In short word, perfect gameplay for a side game. You can however get bored of it if you're not used to the grinding mechanics of gacha game. No, the loop button is a gift, not a mistake.

Sound: Background music is okayish, nothing too special. The main story is full-voiced, and is very good. Also I keep seeing Eichi face whenever Lilia talks but that's just me I guess.

Storyline: This is where twst shines. I love the concept about a twisted wonderland. So far they've managed to create their own story, while keeping the relevance to the original plot. The important thing is, somehow it doesn't feel like a carbon-copy. The story is fully translated in English, and I absolutely love it.

Value: 1.5% rate for SSR is honestly BAD. But there's this good guarantee system that gives you SSR after 100 rolls no matter whether you've rolled SSR or not (i.e. it doesn't reset after you got a SSR). It will balance out if you actually pay for gem. The game also gives lot of gems in form of mission and login present, but of course it's tedious.

Overall, enjoying it so far. I'm excited about both the grand plot and event story. They've done a really good job, giving the female fanbase a finally good gacha game with interesting world building.



Hypmic itself is a good franchise, but this game is kinda a disaster.

Graphic: It's your usual card collection gacha game, with the focus NOT on the story. So the graphic is supposed to be awesome and appealing. But it's not, to me. This is the first game that I have problems with the UI design, it looks absolutely dull to me, to the point I really don't want to play the game whenever I open it, although I have my favorite greets me at the homescreen. Card arts are well done, but the art for the card design isn't itself. I despise the way they border the card and all. And for a gacha card game, good design is literally the most crucial element. I think this is my main problem with ARB.

Sound: It's Hypmic, it's good.

Gameplay: Nothing to really do except grinding rthyme game. It'll be okay if it's appealing enough, but to me it's not the case. No other minigame for more interaction or just distraction.

Story: I think the story is supposed to be not canon in usual Hypmic timeline. But nevertheless it isn't interesting enough to me.

Value: They do give generous present on character's birthday. The rate is standard. No guarantee system.

This game has failed to keep me after 2 weeks. I will continue support Hypmic franchise, just not this game.

Notes (9) More
Note for event mission The usual OP doesn't post detail about mission this time, but it should be alike to previous one. Here are some notes for reference from previous event:
X/パーフォマ: put X as Performer. First few characters are the boy's name. You can use the card as reference for the boy's name.
オリジナルメンバー: Original member/member (this sometimes has score requirement for later days).
累計スコア: accumulative score
X曲フルコンボ: clear X song(s) with full combo
FEVER: reach the % for the fever gauge
いずれかの曲でスコアの下一桁をXにしよう: set the last digit of the score to X
ゾロ目コンボ: double digit combo
パフェクト+累計+number: accumulative X perfect notes
曲とセンターの属性: song and center card match.
You can check for tips in my previous notes.
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