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The game is created by Rayark team.Of course im supporting taiwan games!
Storyline only exists in 1 chapter.Which makes me feel kind of dissapointing.
You have to purchase for other chapters
Just like any ad game.You have to purchase to buy non ad version which is why i always turn off wifi.
The music is really good.Its kind of like Osu mania tho



This app has less comic than i thought.It said its manga dex but it doesnt have the well-known JJBA.What a joke.

Its nice to see a fan made touhou game.
Here are sone good points about it:
The BOSS music·Most of the boss music are from famous japanese bands like Cool&Create
Lag:This game rarely lags.Even if you have such a bad internet,you can still play this game.
Storyline:Storyline is rather interesting.From a few people to people from sdm,human village and many more.
Bad points:
Music:Too repetitive.
Gameplay:The game is too grindy.Its like FGO(Fate grand order)
Upgrades:In order to uograde to 5 stars,you may need to spend a whole week.Just like i said,it is very grindy.
This is a grindy game but the music and the storyline are rather good.The music is just the best.

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