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Maybe I am biased. This game is my first rhythm game and still my fav from the gameplay thing . What make it moooreeee great is , there's English version.

Food Fantasy | Global


The graphic and sound is terrific .
Gameplay , you can do many thing within the game . Makes you have choices . Doing dungeons , restaurant etc etc .
The storyline is decent if any .
But sadly , still can't really make me free from boredom .

[開心] well , the saddest part is , I kind of don't understand . I can't really read Japanese, but can decipher a little bit from the hiraganas .

Still that's do nothing for the rating.

Helios Rising Heroes


I just play it today , so this is my first impression, kinda .
From what I already saw , the graphics are decently good, so does the sound . I go woah at some part .

What make me rate it down , there's some bug thing that makes the game stop and can't do anything.

For gacha , welp . RNG never on my side .
From what I know , 4* heroes rate is just around 2% while 4* frame 3%. Got a bunch of frame while heroes ... ... ...

Promise of Wizard


The graphics are terrific . Awesome .
Sadly , the game play make me bored .

What should I say? I love this game too much. Sadly, I don't really understand Japanese. Would be more than perfect if they release an English version.


Welp, even tho some translation is kinda miss...

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