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Cytus II


Bought this is soon as it came out with what remains of my savings at that time, and thank god for that investments.. the first Cytus game was a classic..

this is just a major leap, from the storyline, the music selection, the graphics, the UI and the gameplay, it has all drastically improved that it's hard to imagine it as a sequel, it felt like a whole new story altogether (while yes, it is)

I love the Media-like SMS/iS/Forum style of storybuilding between the characters, the animations give it so much life and the new free character selections, although a lot of the other music types are under a paywall, which is quite a lot more than when I bought the game (ah-haha.. I'm broke) but damn, it is worth it.

Whenever I have no access internet, this is absolutely always the primary game to open... otherwise, I'm stuck in gacha, as sad as it is that I have yet to complete the story after so very long and yet to MM Chaos Category (。ŏ_ŏ)

Arknights | English


One of the best, if not the best TD-type Strategy Gacha games in the market, the storyline and sound design is fantastic, the UI is clean and easy to navigate, the operators.. deserve all the love, the gacha is forgiving and very rewarding, the grind is all worth it and most of all, this game is timeless.

and you will get to understand why people think Hypergryph is a music company, AUS「ALIVE」and the Contigency Contract lobby music are my favorites, the MVs and PVs are fantastic, one downside is the sanity regeneration, mostly half-day fill and grinding will cap at 2x speed, will make it take minutes per grind and some dead weeks to fill up E2 materials.

The main chapters take about at least every half-year to release and events in-between with various new characters to save up for. There's great balancing, sure the 6★ top operators are very powerful, specially at E2M3, but those lower ranked aren't any less competent either, you can take out the toughest oponents with a well-built group made up of 4★ and lower operators.

You can also add friends and use their featured units as support if you lack some corners in your squad, there's no pvp, so no need to go competitive, it's mostly your brain doing the work and not some sweaty desire for a top spot in some kind of leaderboard.

Though I hope they add optional voicelines on stories to liven it up a little than just visual novel reading.

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