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Hello!! Nice to meet you!!!
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Hello!! Nice to meet you!!!
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This is one of my most favorite app which I used go enjoy most of the mangas and artworks!

Genshin Impact


I have a very awesome time playing Genshin Impact, I enjoy playing with my brother!! The game is just superb but the only thing is the gacha.

Ah yes. I love this game so much! So beautiful!!

Candy Crush Saga


Finally!! I have been searching for this game. I tried to find on Google Play Store and it says It's available in your country, so I try to find this game on Qooapp. I finally found it!! Thank you so much! I have so much fun playing this game and the music, art and graphics are so cute! I love this game!!

My Sweet Prince+


I love Ntt Solmare corporations because they create such beautiful characters and amazing plot lines but, I'm not sure if we can still continue to play since I heard some sad news about them. Anyhow, amazing game and I love it! So heart touching and doki doki.

LINE Webtoon


I love this application so much!! At first, I tried to download it from Google Play Store but due to my version, I I can't. But now, I'm so glad that I can find this app in Qoo App. Awesome! The comics are so appealing! The creators are awesome too! I love it so much! Such a nice time reading comics when you're bored or feeling depress.

Among Us


This game is really awesome! It's so cool and fun to play! But, there is one thing that I'm worry about. It's about hacking and sometimes it glitches. But, anyhow the game is awesome!

The Prison Boys | English


The game is quite terrifying but, I have a good time playing this game!! Amazing!!

The Arcana


Amazing! The graphics, artistic and the music is so beautiful! I'm already in love with all the characters!! And, I'm so excited to read this amazing stories!!

BlazBlue RR


i have had played BlazBlue in my iPad but now, I found this game on this app. I'm so happy to play this game again! This game has beautiful graphics and awesome Japanese voice actings. The best game I had ever played!

Touken Ranbu game is one of my favourite game!!!

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