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I like coffee ~ decaf pls
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I like coffee ~ decaf pls
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Life Makeover | SG & MY


Overall, good game. However, needs more variety in events and less chat censorship. The story is fairly interesting.

So far, it's good. Translations can be witty sometimes, but overall enjoyable experience.

Mandrake Boys


Old but gold, still a good game to pass the time.



( ・ิω・ิ) It's a mix bag of experiences, sometimes you encounter nice players and other times toxic ones. It's ok, I guess. If I gotta complain, sometimes sound quality and interface can be an issue.

Arknights | English


If you're looking for a hybrid unit defense ( tower defense or tactics whichever you prefer to call it ), Arknights is your game.

Noted to be one of the highest difficulty gacha games in existence, you can be assured a hell of good fun with min sanity. The gacha is very f2p friendly though, as the currency used can be farm inside the game.

As for the units in the game, they are called operators. Each operator has it's own unique stats and niche. Plus stylish looks and quirks.

I would write a lot more about the game but I think I would run out of sanity before completing this review in full.

If anything, all I can say is that play the game as you like. Rarity doesn't matter in this game, it all depends on your strategy and skills as the Doctor.

_(:3 」∠ )_ Good luck ...

Helix Waltz | English


It's a social-oriented sim game with lots of features, stories and events. There are characters which you would love or hate to interact with, but in a good way.

You will also be spoilt with the array of outfits and accessories that this game has to offer. Not only that, you can also gain partners to join you in balls. Plus the music is superbly good.

As a player who has been playing this game from the beginning, the dev team has been helpful in all cases and very community-oriented.

o(≧v≦)o~~ GJ

Obey Me! Shall we date?


As a long time player, I highly recommend Obey Me!. This game is frequently updated with new events and content. Not only that, you can easily access the old past events in the game anytime even as a f2p player so you don't have to feel rushed at all. Play the game at your own pace as you like.

Also, the devs are active within the community. There are many situations where our suggestions as players get added into the game ( One of the characters I wanted recently got included in the game finally :3 )

(>﹏<) So watcha waiting for? Go ahead and try it for yourself~☆ You're your own best judge yeah~

A casual daily life sim that slowly opens up the world around the character. Good to pass the time and not too demanding. Watch as the colours fill this game as the story progresses.

Minecraft | Global


Pocket MC is good for those on budget and on the go. Good alternative way to enjoy MC if you can't play on pc.

Cat Spa


Good as a cute game to pass time, hopefully will have additional gameplay.

Great game, graphics and ui customization. Don't have to rely on high rarity in order to win but grinding is needed here regardless of your gacha luck. Rhythm game is ok for beginners or those not good at it.

Very easy to understand controls. There are good English and Japanese fanbases that can help you understand the gameplay if needed.

F2P friendly since you can easily save up jewels from logins and achievements.

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Hi there ^w^ 🌟 Feel free to check out my Styling Wizard event series on YT if you wanna see the potential outfits, faces and styles that you can make in the game. 
Here's my latest video :
Styling Wizard Event Playlist :
subs, likes and comments are much appreciated ❤
ty for viewing n hope you enjoy the videos 🌸 ChiyukiQ
Read Note Life Makeover Game - Styling Wizard Memory Fashion Show 1 ( Theme : Snowdrift Jade ) - YouTube Hi there, I'm ChiyukiQ from the Island Starshine server - Life Makeover MY&SG game. This video showcases all 8 stylings that I made of my friends and guildie...
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