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Im just vibin idk
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Im just vibin idk
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Blue Archive | Japanese


the game is great, a lot of nice waifus uwu (just as expected from yostar), the gameplay is very nice, the fact that the skill cutscenes can only be showed once a day is kinda smart bc watching all the cutscenes over and over again is kinda annoying, gacha rates are ok i guess, and i didnt played the game with sounds so idk if the music is good but im assuming it is :3. sooo yea, it was worth waiting for this game :D

Assault Lily Last Bullet


the game is preety good :) first at all, its anime is great and i love it. i like that they just ploped the first episode for the download screen its a smort move. the gacha rates are ok, i think. and the gameplay is kinda similer to that one madoka magica game, which is rlly good too. so overall, it was worth waiting so long for it :3



the game is great, the songs are so great and very good for intense gaming moments XD, the art style is beutiful, the game is very hard so ull play in this for very long, the only annoying part is that most stuff are paid, i know its very cheap but quiet liminted for an f2p player like me but im still giving it a 5☆ rating :3

Genshin Impact


the graphics are so good, the gameplay is a very nice open world gameplay, and as a player that played mihoyos other games this is rlly good, the only thing i dont like a lot is the cost of the gacha pulls but its ok, it dont change that the game is good. (`・ω・´)

GrandChase | Global


the gameplay is a bit diffarent then normal RPG games but its really good, i like the theme song, and there is some event with really adorable chibi skins (=v=)

Crash Fever | Global


I rlly like this game, its not hard to do progress (espacially when u get 2 6☆ collab units on ur first 10 pulls XD) gacha rates are like 2.8, but theres a lot of stages to get units from, so its preety good. ^w^

the game itself is good but, there is a lot of copywrites in it like that the guild logos are mostly the skill logos from summoners war, and some of the capsule types are pokeballs. also this game is a "recharge for progress" games because u need vip 9 for most of the units in the game.

great game, it was worth waiting so much time for the global version

the battle cats anime version XD

Toram Online


my favorite mmo game, no annoying storyline that goes too fast, no annoying auto combat, its just the perfect mmo (if ur asking me)

i love this game so much

i love it ^w^

good game

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