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if u knew me when i was an enstarrie, im sorry
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if u knew me when i was an enstarrie, im sorry
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stan tsukasa tenma

Genshin Impact


The graphics and gameplay are amazing, especially for a mobile game. Although it takes a lot of data, it's honestly really worth it. I also recommend you take your time to explore and not to rush through the game. It's really fun to find new things or puzzles to try out!

The story is okay. Characters are cute and likeable. Some are super boring and generic though. However, the lore is super interesting and the world building is great!

I'm F2P (spent $7) AR55 with 7 five stars (Childe, Mona, Keqing, Jean, C1 Venti, Zhongli, Qiqi) and two 5 star weapona. Genshin has a soft pity, hard pity and a super hard pity which is amazing. It might be hard to attain gems but honestly, for a F2P game, it's not bad. The fact that singular pulls and ten pulls have no difference is even better, that means you don't need to save to get a guaranteed 4 star. Also, your pulls carry over, even in the limited banner. This is why I can't complain about Genshin rates, because eventually you WILL get a 5 star.

Actually, you dont need a 5 star character anyways. As long as you build your characters properly then thats good. DO NOT grind artifacts until you get the Level 90 domain. Focus on talents and weapons if you are below AR 45!

Theres this monthly thing (Welkin Moon) you can buy which will give you 90 gems a day and 300 gems at the start. I gave in and bought it.... but I dont regret it. I recommend buying this every month rather than the other gem packs.

Some of the card art are super pretty (Stargazer SSR Groovy) but some are just bad (Ace Bday SSR un Groovy). The artstyle is recognisable but sometimes the art looks super different. If you look at Ace's cards, he looks different in pretty much most of them. The other graphics in the game are okay, not the best but not the worst.

The storyline is amazing. Most characters get development in the main story and if they did not, they probably got their own event story. The chapters get longer and longer each time but, there's always so much going on (but not in a bad way). Chapter 5 is my favourite so far because the characters and their relationships develop a lot (and they aren't even the main characters for that chapter!). The voice acting is superb. My favourite voice has to be Ace's. The way his seiyuu conveys Ace's emotions is really good. The event stories and card backstories are also super enjoyable, although unvoiced. They give more info on characters to make them more likeable (e.g. Ghost Marriage for Ace). And you should probably read them all as most of the time, all the characters have at least a small cameo.

My favourite thing about twst are the characters. My favourite characters are Ace ane Deuce. They are the most important thing to me right now. The characters each have their own strengths and flaws and none of them are Gary Sues or overpowered (if they are, there's a proper reason for it). A lot of them don't act like high schoolers (Octavinelle) but when you see their interactions with other characters (Floyd w/ Basketball Club), you get a feeling of youth from them. A lot of them are super unique, they might seem generic at first but once you get to know them more, you will start to love them (for example : Floyd, Azul, Jade, Vil, Cater, Deuce, Jamil, Epel). As most of them are based of villians, there is A LOT of gap moe and tsunderes.

The gacha rates.. I've been playing since April 2020 and I only have 3 SSRs (I'm F2P). I've pulled a total of 250 times (including free pull at start). The rate for SSR is 0.9% while SR is around 10%. I've barely been playing recently (gameplay sucks) but I've collected most special login bonuses and shop items. Currently I have 11 ten pull keys, 20 something single pull keys and 400 dia. Unfortunately, pulls do not carry over to the next limited banner. However, at 100 pulls, you get a guaranteed SSR (50% chance for it to be banner). At birthdays though, the only SSR in the box is the birthday SSR. Birthday gachas only last for a week while event gachas last for 2 weeks (I think). After a while, it gets hard to get dia which is why you should collect your login bonuses and buy the keys from the shop.

The gameplay... The fighting game is like rock paper scissors. It's boring but thank god there's an auto mode. You don't need to grind these, once you pass them, you don't need to play them again. The cards you get matter for this.

The rhythm game is has either 2 lanes or is like Osu (but easier I'm assuming). There's regular touch notes, hold notes and flick notes. They are not hard at all. Luckily, once you pass it the first time, you automatically pass the song even if you miss every single note. The only dia you get is for getting a good combo or how many times you passed the song. This is based on skill and not your cards. However, you cannot change the note speed.

The grinding portion of the game can be played on auto mode. After you do the practice for each character 100 times, it's hard to get more dia (30 dia at 100, 50 at 300 I think). One round (7 turns) takes around a minute. The item to play this refils one every 15 minutes.

The gameplay is quite boring and mostly grind-y but the characters do look very cute when fighting/dancing/studying.

I do not recommend playing twst but if you want to get into it, just the story is enough. The entire main story is uploaded onto YouTube with english subs (fan translated). Some event/backstories and voice lines are translated on YouTube as well, but if you can't find it, the translations are on the twst wiki. If you can understand japanese, just search their names in kanji in YouTube and you should be able to find a compilation of their voice lines.

do not play this game. you will go bankrupt. you will become homeless. you will cry. these men WILL steal your wallet. being f2p is super hard, they will drink your tears. this game is scary, the characters walk on the ceiling, are satanists, have tragic backstories which will make u cry and suffer. this game will make you go insane. its been 4 years. help they kept me and many others in the basement. midori already took $20 from me. help. please. ok but stan ryuseitai you COWARDS 😤

(edit) also tw for sexual harassment, murder, homophobia, war, mass suicide, cults, child abuse, cannibalism, drugs, gambling, blackmail, bdsm, kidnapping, stalking, yanderes, alcoholism and more!

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help does anyone have an account with Tsukasa 4 star they are willing to donate? i rolled 190 times for him on my main and i didnt get a single banner card.. I'm now rerolling for him but its taking a lot of time 😔 Read Note
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