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After playing 1 Year Straight from Release, i can say that "this game isn't bad either".

IDOLA offers everything that FGO doesn't do it.
• Elemental Blast Skip Animation
• Auto Battle
• Permanent Raid
• Arena PVP
• Higher Summon Rate and Guaranteed Step-up Summon
• 3% SSR Rate with 6% Chance if you got Stella's Blessing at Arena Coin Summon (Which only affects spesific summon banners)
• Easier method to Limit Break with Dolls
• Equipment that every characters can equip
• Equipment and Symbol that can be enhanced with special stats
• An Actual collaboration: Attack on Titan

Guess what? until this review published, i just don't have 3 characters from all current available characters ingame. This means, this game is very Farm to win, F2P friendly, and Stella is THE REAL WAIFU.

after playing until lvl 35, i realized that this game is pretty far different from any Chinnese Lazy games that looks like a Copy paste games. BDM is far better than that.

one thing matters from MMORPG that has Auto Feature is, it's AI itself. Sometimes not moving, moving but not as same as direction the characters is heading, and some minor bugs exist.

Also, this isn't P2W game. You just need to grind more and more to enjoy playing this game and having fun.

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anyone here has every Character that has been released until now?
i'm just missing Rosalinde [Christmast]
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