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Obey Me! Shall we date?


Tbh the game is pretty fun to waste time and about the gameplay is pretty simple just use your cards and tap multiple times when u see heart nothing much also the graphics and the story i love them so far i really love the demon who eats all the time ♡ hope i get his card soon ♡

Hm ~ i actually like it but unlike the boyfriend one i can go just for 5 minutes date which is pretty annoying tbh <( ̄▽ ̄)> but the art style is so cute i like it so far 💕

THIS IS SO CUTE (っ´ω`c) im in love with it 💕

I played this game just for the yellow hair charcter he was the cutest all the other characters were so rude at me saying " shut up and just come here " or "arent you stinky?" like excuse me ?? overall i love this concept of this game i voted high for the yellow cute chara thats it. 💕

This is so cute 💕 i created mine and its really cute u can sit back and relax while playing this game (っ´ω`c)

The graphics are AMAZING I TOTALLY FEEL IN LOVE WITH IT AND THE VOICES ARE AMAZING! But the actual gameplay is a little off? idk how to describe it , but it feels like the notes dont match the song i felt i was tapping randomly.

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i just started today and im already in love 💕(っ´ω`c) Read Note
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