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Guardian Tales | Global


For those who, like me, have that fervant passion for retro-style RPGs, or loves the puzzle aspect of Zelda games so much that you want more of it, look no further. A fantastic game with great characters and story plot. Many players stay in this game just for this very reason. If you love juicy plots, stick around, there's even more to come.

The game functions as a casual-style game, with a stamina system built in. Those who enjoy hours of gameplay nonstop, then this might not be for you. However, for me, half an hour of micromanaging this game allows me to progress steadily in Guardian Tales while I can have the rest of my time to do other stuff, which I personally cherish.

Story-wise, I'd say pretty predictable in certain cases, but there are quite a few side quests that are really good with playing your emotions, which is essential for a good story. But wait, there's more. This game? Literally littered with memes. Keep a close eye, you do not want to skip dialogue on this one, or you might miss a DBZ reference or never meet Link again. Also, they worked hard on the story so give it a read, 'kay?

One thing that might be distasteful is the gameplay. It is great actually, you don' t just rush in and spam, you need to pay attention to your enemies and time your attacks, skills and dodge to get out of hell's way. The AI, however, is a different story. As you would expect, AIs don't tend to make the best choices, like walking straight into a one-hit-KO redzone. PVP is also one thing that may ruin your day, since latency, server lags, DCs and exploiters are relatively frequent in this aspect. The game is still in soft launch, though, and the devs are dealing with the matter, being the great people they are. Still, I will say that the gameplay is absolutely lovable, just don't think too much about the PVP for the time being.

While this game does have a gacha system implemented with meta characters, the game is quite generous with its rewards, including gems required for summons. Events also give out tons of freebies if you work hard enough, and they're pretty frequent.

All in all, although there are some tweaks and fixes that need to be done, I would sincerely recommend this to anyone out there who has been searching for an RPG mixed with intriguing puzzles, be sure to check this one out.

Soul Knight | Global


Great time waster that can either be casual or competitive. Both graphics and sound is decent, but might not appeal to people, srring that not everyone likes pixel art and retro music, and there are a few avatars like character skins that I would prefer an improvement. That being said, it is done very well and stays true to its own style. The gameplay is what makes this shine. Roguelike bullethell with quite a few mechanics and playstyles, not only characters have different strategics, but weapons with unique behaviour and random buff builds lead to thousands of possibilities: you could become God, or you could have your worst day yet. Rarely do you see games like this these day, which is what I personally seek.

And even though some might not take interest into games that require high focus, this is truly a gem that you should consider picking up whenever you have some free time to spare. The game is also free with some unlockable characters and skins for them.

And since Chillyroom made this, expect some wackyness coming your way. Better if you understand Chinese.

All in all, a great game that although not for everyone, but will definitely appeal to either who seek some challenge, or just wanna enjoy utter mayhem.

Dragalia Lost


A game I would have never knew of had my friend not play it during our dinner out. A true gem and sign of relief to the trend of mobile gaming nowadays. The gameplay is like no other gacha I've played, which can be challenging at times, but that just adds to the fun. Auto function helps big time for games this grindy, and freebies just keep on coming. You could f2p and still climb to be one of the top contenders in the game. Also, I've never in my life seen a gacha game have a main storyline with not 1, not 2, but EACH AND EVERY CHAPTER in the game fully dubbed, not to mention top-notch quality, too, along with soundtracks that should and does belong to an album(Love you, DAOKO). The game also has a cute interface that is simplistic and efficient so that you can access different functions without much hassle. Each character feels unique as well: It ain't just a bunch of copy-paste characters. The main protagonist of gacha games are usually just hot-headed wannabes of Naruto and the such like, but Euden is Euden with his own resolve and reason to help others, while not being illogically kind to nonsensical bastards like Emile. The other characters(even those with undubbed stories) have their own sparkling charm. Even the artwork and models make me think the developers and designers are outdoing themselves(Note that down, Naoki Saito), spectacular artwork, indeed. And again(which I feel I haven't stressed enough on), who doesn't like freebies?
No? Well, good, because this game is chock full with freebies.

Fair game, splendid gameplay, great plot, quality dubs, wonderful BGMs, simplistic controls, beautiful graphics, man, I feel like I should get sponsored for giving such a high praise.

But this game? Deserves exactly this much.

Oh, this was made by both Cygames and Nintendo, if you were wondering.

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