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Soooooooo... It is indeed region locked so you need VPN, the game ain't that bad, we also get to choose our most wanted beginner SSR so it's good but overall, it's just another average Gacha RPG game, don't expect something mind blowing.

But since I'm down bad for Maki, I still play the game, but eh, not gonna waste a single dollar tho.



It's a good game

Arknights | English


Definitely one of the best TD game I've ever played, it's simple and engaging, I never get bored of this game and the Gacha is F2P friendly especially for someone who alsp play the Gacha Hell aka FGO like me, HG is definitely a generous Dev, in conclusion this game until now never disappoint me in any way.

Azur Lane | English


Cute waifu : Check

Milf : Check

Could marry them : Check

F2P Friendly : Check

Yandere : Check

Tsundere : Check

Kuudere : Check

Well because of the recent problem i kinda hate and love this game at the same time [開心][開心]

but still this one is a masterpiece....

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Yes....... I mean that's clearly not a face of someone who just stepped on Lego.
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