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everything is Good
but why Gacha Animation using a scene from anime?
but overall i like this game [開心]

Clash Of Sky丨English



do u know game 8th son? i think that game was the most trash in Qoapp
but this game more trash than that game

before i rated this game all 5
but now this game is prety boring to play...
if u a horny this game okay for all of u
but for me is very boring

this Game actually GOOD but the game release FAST and Have so many BUG and for fking play since day 1 they always UPDATE the game and still have some BUG.

actually i prefer this game released in 2022 and didn't have any BUG more than released so FAST but have so many BUG

i give this shit FULL Review because Tensei Slime was my "FAVORITE ANIME"



guys if u already play konosuba FD just skip this game they have the same feature.. Trust me i'm not lie to you guys

Only one thing i say about this game : PERFECT

pleasee use my invite code : SFVD800

This A Game? Are You Kidding Me?

i hate bon-bon thats why i give *1 [發火][發火]

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Solve Error Problem if u get something like this
just Clear The data and start over again until u can Start The game. 
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