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I like 2D men and 2D idols too much
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I like 2D men and 2D idols too much
Game Comments (3)

I have been playing this game since it's release so here is my view on it:

If you are new (like me) to Im@s/SideM and want to get into it then this one is definitely a good game to start with! The layout looks very simple which makes it easy to navigate so that helps too.

When it comes to the story it's very easy to follow. The timeline is completely reset to the beginning which helps a lot to those who are new because SideM has been around for years! So don't worry too much about missing out on the story in this game!

At the moment the song lineup is kinda small but I do have to say that the music is the main charm point of this game. The songs are lovely to listen to and fun to play! The game slowly adds more songs (new and old) almost every other week as well so the song line-up will expand too!

Instead of focusing on 1 idol only this game focuses more on units/groups. (The Kogadou is my fave unit

I am a complete new to Touken Ranbu and here is my experience with the game:

Graphics: As many others have said before the games layout looks VERY outdated but what isn't broken doesnt need to be fixed as some people say. The touken (the guys you collect) all look amazing especially since they are all drawn by different artists so none really look the same!

Sound: Sound is fine but I did have to adjust the background music a little to hear the Touken's voices better.

Gameplay: It's easy to understand for me at least. You forge (pull gacha) to get a Touken. To get a specific Touken however you do need to look up recipes for them to get them. (I found most recipes on the fandom wiki of tourabu)
I dont fully understand it yet but ill get it eventually.
To level up your Touken you go on sorties (battle) or go on survey/duties.

When it comes to events however I would not recommend trying if you are new like me since you need to be a higher level for those.

Storyline: Can't say anything about it since there isnt really anything except small interactions between Touken here and there when you play the game. Most say for a proper story line you need to watch the anime but you can still enjoy this game without a proper story in my opinion.

Value: This game has a lot of value especially since it has been around for so long. It's nice if you like a game that's a bit slow paced compared to most gacha games nowadays.

I'll keep playing and maybe I'll give a proper opinion when I get further into the series 👍



A good Im@s game to play if you wanna pass time! You get to know all the characters easier thanks to all the branches being merged together in one game too!

edit: rip poplinks :'(

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