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Huo! I play niche games and try to leave nice comments about them.
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Huo! I play niche games and try to leave nice comments about them.
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Muse Dash


okay so I've wanted to play this game for the longest time now and I'm kinda underwhelmed. It's by all means not a bad game though but I think it would be neater if there was more of a story. Overall I'd play it when I'm bored and when wifi is scarce [怪笑][微笑]



THE ANIMATIONS ARE SO NEAT AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! I may suck at this game but it's so fun and addicting [色色][睡覺]

[難過] hmm.. I was expecting a more interesting story hm

Son of the Sun


Raise a sun human by collecting glowy orbs and making decisions. It felt like a pain to raise the tiny sun, I did not enjoy very much but I like the concept ig [難過]

Bouncing Mushroom


I played this game a long time ago and read a translated reveiw about it on here, it said "It makes you not want to dead" and I thought yea ok

The Everlasting Regret


This is such a beautiful game and the reason behind it's concept is sweet [耍帥][耍帥][色色]It's like an interactive visual novel with beautiful chinese graphics. The puzzels are neat and simple, and the achievements are nice too. I recommend you play it if you're into poetry and art [開心] ( it's a really short game too)

I have a soft spot for this game. [鬼臉]

I really like the chibi artstyle and character designs. This would've been a great game if they added more content and characters. Although I know I'll download this game again because I like it a lot [發怒]

Pico^2 Sprites


I couldn't play it. The game doesn't seem to work anymore I suppose but I love the pixel art. I think I would've liked this game's gameplay judging from the previews.



It's a silly arcade game. I really love the graphics and will remain in my phone for a while [怪笑][怪笑]

Maid & Slime


The game is like whack-a-mole but more complex. It's alright in my book. [委屈]



Cute little game



The gameplay lacked luster but you should give it a try if you're patient enough [微笑]

A soft and cozy game. It's not too hard and it can get really exciting and funny when played with friends ( ^ω^)

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Sigh Most of the days I log on
here and remember I can't
read Japanese [發怒][憋屈][發困]
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