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For the steam guard

Really great app

Genshin Impact


Been playing since Day 1 and have never missed a single day of commissions. Its a good game, but there's not many engaging things to do end game. Rarely, you'll get events like windtrace and theatre mechanicus that makes it more worthwhile, but most events in the game are pretty stale despite miHoYo's efforts to make the game more engaging. Wish I could give it a better score, but its a fact that I absolutely dread cutting wood, fishing and farming for mats.

The virtual show can be a bit iffy sometimes, and I regularly get disconnected from the servers as a sea player, but other than that, there's alot of things going for this game. Waiting for the sea release!

World Flipper | Global


Huge fan for the soundtrack. Feels really nostalgic and light-hearted. Graphics is clean, but lack detail. Gameplay is really addicting although repetitive. However, the mechanics allow for broad range of team compositions which really add to the depth of the game. The Main Story isn't bad but rather bland compared to other Kakao/Cygames titles like Granblue Fantasy, Guardian Tales and Destiny Child. I have some positive impressions of Kakaogames and Cygames due to the quality of their recent games, so I'm definitely looking forward to what this game has to offer.

A refreshing addition to the Tales Series on the mobile platform, featuring characters spanning across all Tales and possibly the first turn-based title of said series.

Graphics: The graphics is definitely up there with tremendously accurate ports of their model, animation and artes of their PS4 counterparts. I've finished the latest console addition, Tales of Berseria, and personally feel that the graphics of Crestoria is in no way inferior to said title.

Sound: Pretty much what you expect from a Tales series. Soundtracks are soothing with a more light-hearted medieval take, and the voice overs are as usual, appropriate for the newly added characters of Crestoria. Note that most characters however would probably have reused their voice lines from their respective games.

Gameplay: Unlike most Tales games, Crestoria is turn-based. There's not much to say as it's really too standard. You have a team of 4 main members and 2 subs, each equipped with a stat buffing trait in the form of a memoria. Initiate combat instances, spam their artes, time their cooldown, before unleashing their ultimate mystic artes, inclusive of the generic RPG elements such as elemental advantages and status effects. This pretty much sums it up.

Storyline: No spoilers. All I can say is that they did a fantastic job.

Optimization: The textures are high-res with high fps as long as you set the graphic settings to the max, while obviously eating up more battery than usual. The only problem I've faced on my P30 Pro is the occasional fps drops, which for some reason only triggers at the start of certain stages, and will not remedy itself until the end of the quest. It either works, or it doesn't.

I've sung alot of praises for this title in this review but know that the more reputable a company is, the higher the expectation. Overall, this game has left no outstanding impressions whatsoever. Personally it is difficult to feel emotionally invested in 3D titles due to how overly saturated the market already is. It is not the graphics nor the story nor the gameplay that determines the success of a game. Contrary, it is the immersion factor that truly contributes to how much you enjoy one. And in that aspect, Tales of Crestoria has failed to deliver.

Reviewing the game based on QooApp's standards, I believe I have given a score misleading to the general audience.

SINoALICE | Global


Morbid twists of fairytales, libraries of intersecting universes and a pair of bloody creepy puppets, beautifully welded together by Yokotaro to create the world of SINoALICE.

Now there's a number of aspects of the game I really like, and some I'm a little less fond of. I'll be sticking around for a while more as I have unnaturally high hopes for this title, but till then, here's an early review of the game exactly 2 weeks in.

Yokotaro created famous works like NieR for consoles, but is SINoALICE qualified to be considered a masterpiece for the mobile platform? Subjectively speaking, I don't think so.

Graphics: The sprites were especially appealing on the highest graphic setting. It might not be a favorite for all, but being a fan of Granblue for a while now, I've taken quite a liking to the much more fluid animation and defined edges of the sprites. The 2D animated splash art is wonderfully drawn as well, perfectly fitting the theme of SINoALICE.

Sound: I can't say much about the sound effects at the moment, but the background music and the voice overs is just brilliant. I especially adore the museum's music box soundtrack. The voice overs are extremely fitting especially for characters like Gretel, for reasons I am currently unable to disclose without spoilers.

Storyline: The stories so far have been a darker take on fairytale endings. It was an interesting read, though I felt like it would have been more impressive if it was done on a more personalized character. Twisting the notions of characters we were all so familiar with created a much stronger impact on the audience at the cost of originality which somewhat diminishes my impression of the story as a whole. Nonetheless, I have to admit, they did a fantastic job twisting said notions. I had goosebumps reading Gretel's tale.

Gameplay: The combat relies heavily on your weapons and honestly just your weapons. It almost doesn't matter what class you use, and this was a huge plus for me because there have been games where I never had much chances to use favorites that were powercreeped. The game is mostly pve thus far with guild battles as pvp. For the most part, the game didn't need much manual input due to cheesing content early on but that quickly changed once I reached the much more difficult quests. I admit its not the most fun gameplay I've tried, but it's still one I'm currently looking forward to experience in the long run and perhaps begin growing into it myself.

Optimization: The game has been splendidly optimized, seeing as how I am able to run the game on maximum frame rate and graphics with minimum power usage. Though it is still on the high end, it significantly uses less power than other games I know.

Additional Notes: The setting of the game was designed in a way where mentioned by Yokotaro himself, made for much more fluent transition with collabs. I am personally looking forward to more collabs like Code Geass in the future. I should also note that the game has several p2w elements where gears and classes are locked behind a pay wall, but that's rarely the game developer's decision so I'll do my best to look past it, acknowledging that it has a miniscule impact on several factors as a whole.

This concludes my preliminary review. If there are any significant changes to my current perspective, I shall adjust accordingly.

Lovestruck comes with a broad variety of juicy genres for both genders alike. Wolf girls, sorceress, etc, you're bound to find one that's more suited to your fantasies than others.

Length wise, it is just right. I've played through alot of visual novels in this lifetime and I can confidently conclude that the stories in here are much more straightforward than most.

Unfortunately, stories are gated by ticket currencies. Although the game has a really high potential for immersion, it is difficult to do so knowing that you won't be able to read for as long as you like.

Overall impressions. Was a splendid time killer for an hour or so and I was definitely intrigued in reading through a number of titles. I had alot on my plate in real life however and was quick to lose interest due to the gated content. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience.

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-


As a huge fan of rhythm games, I was really looking forward to this title, only to find out it was a Tap Titan alternative. So obviously, I was rather disappointed. Although this might be a somewhat biased standpoint, I'll review it objectively for the game it was meant to be.

Graphics: Cute and very defined. The sprites have a clear edge with simple but charismatic animations that smoothly portrays their various egos.

Sound: The game revolves around Hatsune Miku. So you're gonna have to expect abnormally high pitched and fast paced music. It's not a personal favorite genre of music but compared to most other tapping games I've played, the bgm here was much more enjoyable. (At least once you've already gotten used to it and/or reached the ultimate level of weeb)

Gameplay: I don't really think I have to go in depth here. Just tap (or autoclick), earn coins and upgrade your vocaloid army.

Storyline: [懵懂][為什麼]

Overall Impressions: A casual tapping game you can enjoy leisurely at your own pace for a long term. Has potential to be a favorable game to collectors due to the various event costumes assumed to be released in the future and finally one you should avoid spending on (unless you really want to, by all means, help support the game).

Grand Summoners | Global


-Addicting Multiplayer/ Co-Op
-Brilliant choice of collabs
-Very generous in gacha currency

-Hard to find multiplayer rooms without essential units
-Abominable Gacha Rates (Recommend only to pull once for the guaranteed 5 star on each banner)
-Very long grind to max luck units

I didn't really went in depth because this title have yet to make any strong impressions on myself. From my experience playing this the past 2 months, I'll recommend joining the official Discord community. There was too much idle gameplay for me to really immerse myself with exceptions to difficult stages such as Ganan AWK and crests, both of which requires a level of coordination with your team.

Overall impressions, nothing really special. I'll recommend it if you're looking for some short-lived fun.

Artificial Intelligence is the core of this game. Unlike any other CCG games I've played that requires players to strategize themselves, you would have a partner AI that aids you in the decision making process.

The moves your partner AI suggests may seem questionable at first, but there's no doubt they greatly influence the game with their unconventional moves. I think it's a very unique feature to have that not only promotes individual growth, but the partner AI's as well. According to the developers, the AI would only improve the more games you play, and would gradually adapt to your play style as well as develop their own unique personality.

Contrary to many situations in other games where there is only 1 straightforward and obvious move to make, the freedom in this gameplay is unlike any other and allows a multitude of options as early as turn 2. The game is to say the least, challenging but satisfactory. Upon finishing the match, you can access a chart that calculates your odds of winning at every turn, a visual representation of your performance and to understand what went wrong if you've suffered defeat.

If there's any improvements to be made, I'll hope that they work on the connection issues this game has as it really takes a lot of patience waiting for every move to follow through. However, since the game is still in open beta, it is perfectly understandable.

Looking forward to the official launch of ZENONZARD.

Granblue Fantasy


I'll like to start off saying I started the game during the 6th anniversary, and would like to emphasize to all players out there that's hesitating to start playing due to being behind content, that it is never too late to start playing Granblue Fantasy.

I'll cover some of the features I find enticing in this review, starting with the basics. This will be a very in depth review and covers majority of what I love about this game.

Graphics: Beautiful. Simply beautiful. There are some really intricate illustrations in the story cutscenes as well. There's also an appearance feature where you can change your character's outfit to story art, paid and free costumes, or even the multitude of awakening splash arts from all variants of the same character.

Storyline: This is where the game gets really good. I'll say that in the early stages of the main story, where it was written many years ago, could definitely be better. But the latter was absolutely fantastic, and I can't ask for a more beautiful fantasy setting than a world above the clouds.

Gameplay: Now this is a bit tricky to review. The gameplay is really in depth with many layers of mechanics, but it's not something very accessible to newer players with their limited character lineup and grid. But know that characters are not everything and the tier list is not a gospel that'll fix everything. This game relies extremely heavily on your grid, or in another words, your weapons and their synergy with summons. All essential weapons you need are farmable and you don't need to pay a penny to reach endgame, just a huge amount of grinding. In fact, you'll be able to hit the damage cap with almost any character with a solid grid so although character kit is very important, it's not an entirely a necessity and you can build a team of your favorite characters instead. Overall, the gameplay is really fun and at times, challenging. I'll explain accessibility of characters shortly.

Sound/Music: The sound effects in combat is especially gratifying once you're used to it and able to dish out solid damage. The music is wonderful as well, and there are certain boss fights with their own original soundtrack, some of which has lyrics. There are also outfits, summons and characters you can have in the home screen that changes the background music, as well as charge attacks that changes the bgm in combat.

Characters: Gosh I love this bit. The devs evidently invested a lot of effort in building up every one of their individual characters. From what I've seen so far, the ratio of girls to boys in this game is about equal, that means husbandos and waifus are both plentiful. Apart from the already complex lore, and the multitude of events where even less common characters are featured, characters have fate, and cross-fate episodes, that further elaborate their lore and relationships. Furthermore, every year during occasions like Valentines Day and White Day, every character has special dialogues prepared for you. They add episodes to every character every year and with hundreds of characters to prepare, you can expect the developers to have already planned them out long beforehand. In these events, you can give and receive chocolate from the opposing gender in the respective, appropriate occasions.

Now that I've covered the basics, I'll go into the much less commonly discussed features I find promising.

GACHA: There are only 2 times you should pull in gbf. Flash Gala and Premum Gala, that is held during the mid and end of every month respectively. Why? Because not only are exclusive characters available to the pool then, but also SSR rates are doubled. The characters are consistent and will return without fail, which is why it is recommended to save a total of 300 pulls (includes both crystal draws and ticket draws) to spark a unit of choice. Gacha pools have weapons and summons, with some weapons unlocking their respective characters. Note that gacha weapons won't be used till very end game so it's recommended to not withdraw any gacha items from your crate unless it's absolutely necessary.

The Grind: Be prepared as Granblue Fantasy has a truckload of content and grind waiting for you. The grind is unlike any other game I've played before. In fact, you can expect to be playing GBF as much as a typical mmorpg as the stamina system's practically non-existent with the sheer amount of stamina pots, berries they provide through events and other sources. I'm afraid that describing the amount of grind isn't enough to prepare you for what's to come. By all means, please, experience the feeling of slowing sinking into the abyss yourself.

The primary sources of grinding would be Story Quests, Special Quests, Events, Arcarum, Casino and Raids. Story Quests and Special Quests are basically where you farm for most basic mats, Arcarum is expedition based where you can get exclusive rewards from exploring areas and defeating monsters, casino and raids and pretty self explanatory.

I'll be covering the various Events and very briefly, the Casino here.

Limited Events: The game has been 6 years running thus far. You're probably thinking. "Damn! I missed so many events." Now first of, I'll like to once again bring up the topic, that all essentials to a good grid can be farmed without events. Events are in most cases, just fodders for skill levelling your weapons which is plentiful elsewhere."I don't care! I'm a collector! I want all events" Don't worry. All events will rerun once, before permanently added to side stories. Yes. Even now, events from years ago are still accessible there with all the rewards in stock. You can still get them now and always, and more events you missed will be added to the side stories given enough time. This applies to collabs as well, though not necessarily all of them. These events are not challenging as well, and even newer players would have no problems clearing them with exceptions to Maniac or Nightmare difficulties, which is not necessary in snagging the event rewards. They're just there for the bonus crystals the difficulty provides.

Rotation Events: So unlike most events, these events have weapons that are actually relevant to empowering your grid, except they come back regularly in rotation. Every 2 months or so, Proving Grounds, Xeno Clashes, Rise of the Beast and Unite & Fight (Aka Guild War), will come back with rotating rewards. There's nothing exclusive that only comes out once, you'll just have to wait for it to come back again.

Collaborations: Granblue Fantasy did it right. Collabs are to start of, although may or may not have interesting character kits, are never meta tier. But that won't stop you from using them once you get a solid grid as mentioned earlier under Gameplay. All Collabs are given to players for free upon playing their respective events. You will never need to Gacha for collab characters. Story-wise is subjective. There are some for example, that are really good and non-canon, that would lead to a different ending in their anime counterparts. The older collabs might have questionable loop holes due to the time it was written. Nonetheless, they are all refreshing reads.

Challenge Quests: These quests may appear in Premium Friday, Side Stories or Events. You will be given a fixed pre-determined party and you'll have to defeat the boss under specific conditions. Contrary to how it sounds, it's usually very easy and can be won simply by following the suggestions in the character's dialogue.

Casino: Now this is a twist. Tired of grinding 24/7? Come to the casino! Gamble your fortune away and make big bucks. Play games like Poker, Bingo and earn enough chips to get exclusive characters, costumes, weapons, summons and mats. All you need to get em all is your time and sanity.

Anniversary Events: So due to their consistency in hosting the anniversary events, I'll briefly describe what you can expect every year around March. They'll have a roulette where you can spin for a guaranteed 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 gacha pulls for the current banner, with the last day guaranteed to get 100 pulls. This is really f2p and I thought it'll be nice to point that out.

Woohoo! I've covered most of the content. Now it's time for some of the more exclusive features.

Real Life Events: Yes, there are real life events and merchandises you can get that provides serial codes to exclusive promotional items in game. Like outfits, summons and promo characters. This isn't accessible to most outside of Japan but you can still get from from online shopping websites at a reasonable price. Note that every promotional item is not meta and really just for collection purposes.

Longetivity: It's been 6 years, won't the servers terminate anytime soon? With how overwhelmingly popular and busy the game is, I highly doubt it. Raid rooms are flooded end game and theres literally hundreds and thousands of people in guild war ranking. I myself was ranked around 300k despite grinding 4-5 hours a day during the guild war 'Unite & Fight', although it might also be due to the fact that my grid is still rather basic. Furthermore, the devs has announced 12 Zodiacs, one to be released every year. Since 2014, about 6 has been released now and 6 more still pending. You can expect at least 6 more years and even more after that.

1 Server: There's only 1 server and it's the Japanese server with the option to change to English. This means you'll be on the same page as the Japanese and you'll never know what's coming next. I personally dislike games with multiple servers with the global server being consistently behind content. It generally feels like the global version will always be a shadow of a game.

Browser Access: You don't have to download this app to play granblue fantasy. You can play it straight out of your phone or desktop browser without any 3rd party extensions. Just go to

Now I've mentioned a bunch of plus. But is there any downside to this game? Well yeah. Surely there is. Though everything I said above is true, there might be some who disagree or dislikes said plus. So ultimately, it's subjective. I hope you don't take this review and every point I gave to be a good thing. It's based on your preferences. Give it a look and see for yourself if the game's right for you. Also, one more thing. Game eats up your mobile data faster than pac man so be warned.

Cytus II


A true successor to the original masterpiece.

There's a capso gacha system for FX, skins and charts which honestly really upped the value for me when the update arrived as it gives more leeway for personal customization.

Execution of storyline was near perfect and early on, it's really up to the player's speculations as to what actually transpired. It's a very realistic simulation of social media and how comments can heavily influence your opinions on topics of interest.

Gameplay is still as exciting as always, with improved visual effects, cleaner interface and a new swipe action from the original.



I have been playing since soft launch and till today, have yet to see any noticeable improvements. Allow to briefly cover some of the pros and cons.

-Unmatched 3D Graphics. The character models in the game isn't as detailed as how Star Ocean: Anamnesis was, but they more than make up for it with their amazing environment and effects.
-Beautiful 2D Illustrations. The illustrations aren't crisp but are instead into the more soft brush kind of drawings.
-Excellent voice overs for the characters combat animation and the main story. Side stories, bond episodes and events have no voice overs to date.
-Autoplay Feature, minimal manual input, allows you to do other things while the game plays for you, assuming you're into that type of Genre.
-Easy Reroll for meta SSRs. You get a free 10 roll gacha that guarantees an SSR character upon starting up the game. You can only get one character, but there is no limit to the amount of SSR weapons you can get. Only the SSR character is guaranteed.
-It is not completely necessary to get dupes of weapons and characters unlike most games as there are ingots and scrolls that is much more accessible, but would speed up your progress nonetheless.

-The characters in this game though has visually appealing skill effects, they lack an oomph that should be present whenever a character uses an ultimate move. It lacks impact, substance, and is just very lackluster.
-Gameplay with the exception of brave skills and soul burst, can be played 100% Auto. It lacks immersion for a game of this calibur and the only input that is *necessary* to press manually are the skills upon refreshing their cool down.
-Team building relies heavily on weapons and characters synergy. Ideally, you'll need a team of same element SSRs equipping same element weapons. It's not necessarily p2w as it is still possible to luck out as a f2p, but noticeably difficult and the gap between mono element teams and multi element team is enormous.
-Game progression heavily relies on you leaving your phone to Autoplay overnight, a feature not everyone is entitled to.
-Bugs have not been fixed since soft launch, and cheaters roam rampart. The energy bar is misleading and it could be 0 at times despite visually showing it is at max. The hunt features rely on your local clock and unless its set to PST, it'll take way longer than usual for the hunt to complete. The decatrials countdown for instance went over the limit, from the anticipated countdown of 10 seconds going into the negative. 3,2,1,0,-1,-2,-3...

Ultimately, the game was promising with a lineup of professional developers collaborating to supposedly create a new masterpiece entry in today's lineup of mobile gacha games. Presently however, the cons severely outweigh the pros and it's difficult to enjoy the game to the extent it was meant to be. There is still hope for the future where with time, the game will grow, but from my personal point of view, the core of this game lacks gratification and relies heavily on long term idle auto gameplay, and should be avoided unless you are a fan of said genre.

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