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Sin Chronicle


Update 1: 4 director letters of apology and changes so far. Game so dead it's only a few whales or dev accounts keeping it afloat. They know and recognize all the bad decision choices they're doing but stay firm in their stance of "whale for qol". Main story is still somewhat interesting but Sega will axe this sooner than later at this rate. I'll probably uninstall too soon enough.

Ok, been playing at my pace since day 1 so I think it's enough time to make a decent review for those on the fence.

TLDR: Good main story without paywalls, all units are good and free 2* can perform better than gacha 3* or 4* depending on context. 8% gacha rates, with special guaranteed 3* gacha unit for layer 1 key character every 10 rolls. No pity or spark on any other banner unless paid rolls and extremely low income of rolls (even if whaling).

The game's battle system is ok, better than I expected actually, but having skip tickets locked to the amount you whale is a big red flag.

Now, for more details;
- The story is actually quite good, but only VA on key characters and at key moments, this is somewhat of a demerit but considering all the characters scenes and their interactions at different layers and events it's understandable why they didn't do full VA. The theme, despite being a common trope, it's actually pretty well done. The decision system is a double edged sword in the sense that it makes your choices matter more but it's also very infrequent and the effects essentially last only until the end of the next layer, good idea and decent execution, but could have gone better.
- The OST does its job well and doesn't get boring, but it won't be the thing you'll remember about the game.
- The core gameplay loop is fine if doing story, there are mechanics to help your characters catch in level (I have all characters at max level already) and you don't need to stop and grind for weapons much to clear it. HOWEVER, the events are atrocious, they are hands down the WORST events I've EVER seen in a game, gacha or not. You get extra rewards by having limited spirits from gacha (non-sparkable and non-pitiable) which significantly impacts the amount of event currency you can get. Speaking of event currency, you get like... 2000? or 3000? at highest levels without those p2w spirits, using up 10 AP. Now, the rewards are at 1.000.000, yes, you read it correctly, 1 FREAKING MILLION. And to spit in the face of players even more, you can't skip events, and they require manual play (or macros). So you're looking at grinding non-stop looking at your phone after paying god knows how much for a spirit if you want the max event rewards.
Does the gameplay loop get even worse? YES, if that wasn't bad enough as is, the weapons you equip to your characters are obtained as drops from normal maps, but the upgrades follow the korean MMO rules of gacha level up, and at +9 it starts to cost very high and very limited materials (a 3* weapon goes to +20, and weapons go to 5* but their drop rate is non-existent).

So, I do recommend playing it casually for main story only, and 100% ignore events and weapon gacha farming, the game is HORRIBLE outside of main story content, but main story content is VERY GOOD and is not paywalled unlike other story focused games like HBR.

Do I hope game to change for better?
No. In the CBT they had an amazing 2/10 score in events, and it seems they decided to ignore user feedback entirely as it would cut on their monetization from addicted whales.

Move on, nothing to see here, I'm sad for MLA fans getting denied a good game and getting this trash instead. Maybe the story is good, but core gameplay loop + grind + 1% rates + shit server with loading times + rng substats on everything + daily limitations + no VA + a bunch of other red flags is more than enough to avoid this.

Heaven Burns Red


UPDATE 1: With half anniversary coming in, it´s a good chance to look back and see how game has evolved and what we can expect. First: I went from daily login to 3 times a week to maybe like 10 days a month?. They are really struggling with player retention because the gameplay is really unfun and massively skewed towards having multiple dupes of SS. New content is literally called whale content by the community, even if day 1 f2p with luck could barely clear some of it it's generally considered to be a significant step back. No update on main story for 4 months already I think?, which also means no way to upgrade your units further except pulling the gacha for dupes. They also did a very sketchy move with the Ichiko SS release just after massively nerfing Ichiko A. TL;DR: Story is still nice, daily gameplay is bottom 10 of games I've tried, extremely boring and repetitive and even if daily missions give a decent amount of gacha currency I literally can't bother caring enough to login and do that boring and repetitive RNG grind. Still worth the install and play one day every week for updates, just not worth playing it daily or expecting a good direction on content balancing into the future, game is becoming more and more heavily p2w with each day.

This should be a premium game, honestly. No bugs or hitches at all, amazing graphics, amazing OST, 99.9% voiced. Honestly, it's really impressive the production values all around.

And then, the story, so far it's not been anything surprising, if anything it's quite a common setting, but the MC interactions with the rest of the cast and the comedy are amazing, and VA only enhance this point even further.

Ok, so, what about gameplay? A mixed bag of sorts, it's essentially a single player turn based RPG with some classes and roles, nothing really original or innovative, there is lack of variety in enemies so far as well. You can see that the gameplay is not exactly the selling point of the game, however, even if the gameplay is simple, it's not bad by any means, if you enjoy classic turn based RPG you'll find yourself at home.

If anything, the whole of the game is unfortunately dragged down by the gacha aspect. This doesn't mean the game is unplayable without whaling (so far), but you'll definitely need to play a lot better and be much better prepared without high tier units.

Honestly, compared to other mobile games I've played, it's definitely top tier.

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


Can't say my expectations for this one were high... and yet they managed to fall even below that :(

Can't even call the game a cashgrab because it's not particularly expensive like other gachas, it's just bland and uninspired, a super small amount of characters with many, MANY versions, like, for real man?, can't artists make at least some different characters or something? having 4 versions of the same character in a 10 pull and for what? nothing, because you can't use them. And yeah, hope you like playing with your game muted because aside from the title song which is great, the rest literally causes headaches after a few minutes.

Time to uninstall and go back to waiting...

Saying the graphic is amazing is an understatement, it probably looks and feels better than you might think.

Gacha is stingy and brutal, events are ridiculously grindy and game takes a significant time per run, not bad or good, just keep it in mind. Hopefully after they cash a few more billion yens they'll make gacha slightly less ruthless.

The raising of the girls is great, they ticked so many good points in the raising sim part, only being hampered by your need to gacha (and it's not cheap) to enjoy it.

My gripe, and the gripe of the entire community, is how incredibly bad the races are. The race system is BAD, like -10/10 bad levels. They are buggy, your horses IA is trash, results are random, advice given is useless, some skills are useless, and the list goes on... Having excellent training and being overly qualified for a race you can randomly lose for no real reason, this isn't so bad except you need to wait another goddamn 30 minutes to reach the race again and lose to RNG again (or win, just get lucky).

I strongly recommend to install the game, raise a few girls to enjoy the ambience and whatnot... then uninstall a week later. It really is great to play around for a while, but it gets ridiculously stale, grindy and frustrating after a short while.

Blue Archive | Japanese


I already uninstalled this game due to reasons outlined below but I'll give a fair review as I expect other people will like it more:

BGM is really phenomenal, 11/10 as some have said before.
Graphic wise it's nothing exceptional or to write home about, but it's cutesy and your main menu live2D is really well done.
I didn't have any expectations for the story of a gacha mobile game and I didn't get any surprises, it's as bad as I thought it would be.
Gacha by nature is extremely expensive, so there is that, F2P friendly or low-cost? kind of, they copied from priconne and you can farm some units and get materials from events and stuff so you don't need to gacha THAT much.
Gameplay? mixed bag and the reason I quit. At it's core concept it's somewhat simple with some delicate intrincate details, at it's execution it's an RNG festa. Many skills translate into 10% chance of activation of (x) and the AI for auto mode is extremely dumb and frustrating. Game is also very poorly balanced at this moment due to the lack of units and the rock paper scissor system, although I suppose it will get better latter.

As the game is just released there isn't much to do, more content will be added later so look forward to that. Personally all the RNG on top of the RNG in the RNG killed the game for me, specially since PVP is extremely rewarding and your biggest source of resources asides from whaling AND your results in PVP are going to be essentially random with some slight variations depending on your enemy. It's not like priconne where units have a pattern or anything, they literally use their skills in a order, but that order is decided by RNG on battle start, and as said before, many skills are of "10% chance of X happening" so it's always nice to see your enemy get their 10% chance of dealing 500% dmg trigger but not you.

If you're interested give it a try, music alone it's worth it :)

Arknights | English


It's a dynamic strategy game, mixed with character raising and tower defense elements.

+ Solid world and ambiance building.
+ Incredible well-fleshed, balanced and challenging gameplay.
+ No toxic pvp leading to the usual p2w, game is fully pve and you can play and enjoy it at your pace.
+ One of the best "pity" system in a game with lootboxes.
+ Variety of roles and balance in costs means that around 95% of units are quite good and usable without problems, you don't need multiple copies of the same max rarity units to beat even the most challenging maps.
+ Very stable servers with 24/h uptime.
+ Puzzle and challenge maps.
+ Not extremely grindy and time-consuming.

- No easy mode for casuals, and the game is quite hard.
- Story telling seems kinda off, with some questionable decisions and wording, despite having a great world and background.
- Very little stamina and very high stamina cost maps forces you to pay to play if you want faster progress or just leisurely wait for base resources and events.
- No Live 2D in 2020.
- Relatively low amount of premium currency, although this is offset by having less need to use it.
- Not much to do once you beat all maps except wait for event maps and new challenge maps, pretty much like all single player games to be honest...

All in all it's a very good game, specially in comparison with the competition, extremely recommended for players who want a nice strategy game to play in short bursts of time that will keep them engaged and entertained for some tens of minutes, maybe on a car, or waiting for your turn on a hospital.

It's not recommended for those who want to spend 20 hours a day clicking "auto" and grinding resources for what is ultimately a p2w pvp.

World Flipper | Japanese


I guess it's just a pinball grind gacha, not much to say. Pixel graphics, but not awesome pixel graphics tbh, just normal ones, kinda lacking for 2020. The soundtrack is amazing though, really catchy, and the visual effects for gacha are even better, they really get to you. New featured character banners can be seen in a video with balanced numbers so you see what they do without depending on external sources, so that's good too. Rates are also very good.
No need to worry about toxic PVP because there is none, and unlike other of their games there is no "blue chest" mechanic requiring more damage from you than your helpers.
Story is just as generic as it gets, IDK if it gets better at the end, but I started skipping after world 2, couldn't bother to lose time reading it, no VA also makes it even worse.
Stamina gated, but not a real issue since the gameplay gets REALLY tedious, it's great for a casual pinball game, BUT, at the same time, you can't call a game "casual" when you need stats to actually clear it, so it's kinda in a weird spot of "must grind" but "too boring to grind and gated".
Not many better casual games out there, so might as well give it a chance, but it's probably going to bore you to death after 2 weeks to 1 month.
I'm not even going to mention their rebalance patches cuz you can see a lot of other comments screaming about it :D

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