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idle game that can be played as long as i want ?
Take my money !

Hands down Best Mobile MMORPG in Global

Arcana Tactics


you can't survive without Compensation in this game since Gold is The Most Scarce Resources in this game !

Other than that , this is a good game.
since Arena and Rangking system doesn't give you game changing reward like MMORPG, i could Enjoy Playing this game casually, without ever attending *unfair* and laggy PvP.

Definitely a Great F2P friendly game.

Final Fate TD | Global



Five Stars


in Pre-registration information and when i played in CBT, this game support English language.
What happened now ?! when global release of all time ! [大哭]

Bistro Heroes


So cute and relaxing~ [開心]
I like how you could power up All heroes together perfecting this as a relaxing game.

Nb : Fishing is the best part !

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