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Readyyy! was life, Readyyy! is dead...
The reVolution 3730776

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Readyyy! was life, Readyyy! is dead...
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Idol Land PriPara




Overall I have a feeling this game wouldn't last long but I'm going to enjoy it until then. Praying that the game improves along the way 🥺

There's reroll system where you can keep rolling until you're satisfied so yay!

Rhythm game kinda sucks for now. You can auto-play after clearing a song once so you can do that instead of having to fight with bugs and glitches everytime.

UI is pretty bad especially the loading screen. It becomes quite annoying having to see it so many times.

Not gonna lie I almost drop the game on first day from all that but the story is kind of interesting (cringey at times which makes it funny). To unlock more stories, you have to play live and gain fans. You also get gems from reading them.

Only full voice acting on the beginning chapter by the way. I don't know if they plan to add more or not. So sad I don't get to hear Shinichi and Ogajin anymore after that ;(

Most songs in the game are covers of Japanese songs from around 1970s-2000s. I've heard some of them on D4DJ before. They also have a couple of original songs too.

If you reach a certain level you can join Circle (no friend system in this game yet you can copy your ID hmm). There you can chat with other players and tràde goods you have for decorating your room. There are can badges, bromides, acrylic stands and dolls. Some of these could potentially be real life goods I hope they do that.

Plushies Dream | Japanese


A very cute time-killer clicking game.

You don't have to understand Japanese to enjoy most of the game which are clicking to gain coins/gems/hearts, and use those currencies to get new animals from gacha or upgrade buildings.You can watch ads to get extra rewards. After bonding with the animals, they will send you a letter thanking you or tell you something about themselves. The graphics are simple yet adorable.

Been playing since released, thank god they removed the navistones being expired 🙏

Quite easy to collect navistones if you play everyday, x2 if you buy monthly pack (and special log in bonuses like character's birthdays etc). 20k = 100 rolls for a spark where you can drag your favorite boy out of the banner. Only the *4 cards have the costumes. Lower rarity costumes are now being added to the exchange menu.

The 3D MV (angles, camera movements etc.) has been improving so far. I can't play with 3D MV all the time cuz my phone is potato, so I mostly just watch when auto.

Gameplay is like the norm. Beatmaps are easier to full combo than bandori (coming from someone who never pfc bandori but pfc-ed 100 songs on aaside lol)

I really love reading the song stories. It gave us more lore on how the characters created the songs.

Event is kinda chill if you don't tier since you can auto. Top 5000 gets special instrument for a character who is the focus of the event.

If you don't really like the game but is interested in the music, I recommend checking the irl band performers a.k.a the voice actors (as of now there are 3 bands; Argonavis, GYROAXIA, and Fantôme Iris). You can find videos on YouTube. They also stream their concerts online for oversea fans. Trust me the ticket price is worth it 👌

I usually don't read stories in any game, but the main story is getting more interesting so far. The game system being quite repetitive made me rarely come play as much as when I started out, but I do come back when there is an event going on or main story update. Plus the character designs are very pretty.

Been using sei for probably a year or two, sometimes I got bored but I just couldn't uninstall him and eventually come back to him from time to time. His clothing and accessories plus camera mode is what makes me keep coming back.

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