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What in Hell is Bad?


Looks like a game that is rushed by big boss to get horny money. And the developers are just poor amateurs on a horrible deadline.

Images are great, and I think that's about it. They should either focus on female-only game and not add the male choice like a forgotten afterthought. It's too obvious when the devils switch between "Daughter/Son of Solomon" when the choice I made was male, or the voices saying "Kono onna (this woman)". Just delay again, fix the bugs and double check the translated speeches (I won't make too much fuss about the voices, since JP VA are quite expansive and I doubt they're gonna reshoot for more gender neutral calling).

In terms of battling, using the devils' ultimate can be quite confusing for me (yes I'm dumb). I try moving the devils around to trigger ult and still can't get it work. And I understand the First chap. is about having a war with the angels, but a few stages of continuous battles can be quite boring after a while.

So if you're only there to touch the devils and make them come, then yeah, this game will definitely satisfy you. But for the other functions......needs better upgrades in the future. If not, would be quite wasteful for such great potential game.

Added note: Not sure how much gp censor the sexy scenes. I downloaded both Qooapp and Erolabs' version, and find them to be the same.

Life Makeover | Global


Sadly only Eng voice is available now. Hopefully in the future will add the cn and jp voices too. Oh, and sending messages in Eng is a pain. Too much sensitive case banning [汗顏]

Obey Me! Nightbringer


The songs are good, but limited. So may be boring after a while.

The Tale of Food | Global


Total around 2.5GB. There are 3 languages to choose from: Eng, Chinese and Korean.

My only problem is with the Eng dubbing. Listen to Harbin Fried Pork's ascending voice and tell me why does he sounds like a whiny teenager.[驚訝]



2022 Oct: Hoyoverse put a note mentioning that JP voices would only be available in SSR cards (yes, that means main/ event stories won't have any JP voiced lines). You decide if that'll be the deal breaker to install this game.

Jan 5, 2023, after nearly 3 years, today tw management stated they'll end their service. [大哭]

Great game!! Plenty cards, easy to get gacha items, captivating art and voiced stories that will keep you wanting more~

great game! not for those who doesn't have patience though

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Despite all the bugs, love it for this red bean~ Read Note
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