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Spotify Music


Love putting my faves on shuffle and just listen to music.

Love to use this app! While there can be some lag if my friends are watching a stream, it's the best way to keep in touch and have fun with friends virtually and play games together.

Best used for studying vocabulary, plus it's cute.

Coloring Luna


Really cute and lovely art! It can be relaxing and fun, but it can also be very meticulous on some due to the smaller, more difficult spaces, making it frustrating. While it's adorably beautiful at the end, just be in the right mindset if you're up for more challenging ones.

Cute, but ads can be a bit intrusive when trying to play.

It's cute, the audio can help in learning Japanese with the translations, but it would be nice to have some extra options such as alarms and notes like mentioned from another reviewer.

While there can be some issues with the english keyboard, no dictionary or spellcheck that I can find, I absolutely love using this! The styled can be so cute and the ability to use emoticons quickly is really nice. Plus, this helps my in typing Japanese and furthers my learning process of the language. Definitely something to try out if you're looking for a Japanese keyboard that adds a bit of personal flair!

Love Love Tsun Tsun


Cute little boyfriend audios that I can use as a quick pick me up during a bad mood. The listening practice to Japanese is a nice small bonus alongside the official translations. Anyway, this is a cute app that's free with pretty art and nice voices.

Cute little boyfriend sim that helps me cheer up a bit after a bad day ( ^ω^) Though it's tedious and takes time, you can get all the audios for free through ads which is a nice option to go with. The sound quality's great and the cute anime boys are fun to see, but they aren't animated unfortunately. Each have they're own little story which is nicely translated from Japanese to English, making listening practice for the former language much more fun! Over, cute anime boys to listen to whenever you need a pick me up (>﹏<)

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