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Nice to meet you!
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Nice to meet you!
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This game definitely has the GBF feels. The setting though, is quite different, and it's interesting in every way possible. I actually got caught with my guard down the moment I saw how well-made the animated cut scenes were, as well as their music, bgm and sfx.

One thing to keep in mind at the moment is the graphics optimization. I'm not really sure what's going on but the frames are dropping like crazy, it's actually worse than Genshin when I'm using a high end phone. I saw just a while ago that the game is on maintenance, and I do hope they're fixing it up. I do believe it's regarding how slow the loading assets were when you did a batch download right from the get go. I mean seriously, 4GB? That's quite a lot, and it's definitely understandable. I just hope it will be fixed after maintenance.

I highly suggest you guys give it a try, especially if you are into strategic turn based games like this. This one became my favourite just from the get go. I hope you'll feel the same once you tried it. Cheers!

Warau Ars Notoria


Game just released just almost a month ago. I kinda regret not starting on day 1 of its release due to being busy irl, but it's a really good past time for me. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that you can literally get all 3* sigils/charas in a x10 pull. Rng kinda sus...

One thing for me to advice on? Pull only on the pick-up banner, they have pity system there at least. it's not P2W, we are just lacking the means to farm for those red crystals, since game is still new and contents are still upcoming (Why do let us wait for like 3-4 months though for new volumes? That long time making people wait will bore them out).

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