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Clash Of Sky丨English



sieht gut aus, kann aber nichts

The Game is Ok, but there are 5 problems
1. No Button to select the next Mission
( After clearing Mission 1-9, 1-10 is missing and i can't find the next Quest to unlock it.)
2. Mission don't have Lv. to see how strong the Enemys are
3. All Missions give the same Amount of Gold & Exp ?
4. You don't get Gems from Mission (1-1, 1-2, ...), only from Quest and the IG Shop
5. you get only 1 Egg for 200 Gems, say What

And deinstall

Sacred Blade


slow download this will take Years [發火][發怒][大哭]

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Update, please The Game crashes when i tap on Events (!) Read Note
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