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i tried it because i truly love animals and i have always wanted to try to have a hedgehog as a pet (but sadly don't have it yet) so yeah this game is cute ! [厲害] if you really like pet like this or cute animals like this so you can try this game , tho it might not have anything much to do in this game but overall it's really cute to have it ! [賣萌]



to be honest i don't even know what to review because after all i can't read the language and i also don't know how to change of if there is even a function for changing to language that i can read ? so welp so sorry that cant even help with the review or etc... meh [大哭] but i did instaleled it and tried it for a while...

Touch me! Gudetama 4


kawaii kawaii~! gudetama ish olwes kawaii [色色] for the sake of events i install this game and try to play with it because gudetama is just so adorable ! [開心] much much favourable 🤩



it's like a Pokémon game thingies , welp de 1st pet is at least cute xD but if you try open location + playing the game , it's gonna get your phone hot & draining your phone battery fast [大哭]

No Random Novels


ok now i know how to review again LOL 🤣
i tried the game but why is it so expensive per episode ?? and where even you wanna start getting more jewels ?? pay real money ?? eh ? does everyone gaming that rich or have that much money just to pay for games ?? the art is nice but there's no tutorial or how you even gonna play the game... the voice tho kinda doesn't suited to their faces-

Taimanin GOGO!


the game looks cute , not sure yet about the inside game tho... sorry can't help much with the reviews... [可憐]

Dreamy Clover Town


for me it's totes a cute game ! (。♡‿♡。)
it's like you watched anime characters making a village for friends and having fun with it ! 😆✌🏻👍🏻👏🏻💖

and i hope the game will not lag so much tho :')

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