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Genshin Impact


The game is very interesting and lively, if you think it's just a plain "copy" of BoTW then think again, since the game developers did mention that BoTW was an inspiration, and inspiration that has taken fruit after a crap ton of work has been done and it resulted into THIS. [色色][色色]

Some say it's just "Another gacha game", Some say it's just "A boring game that has a lot of bugs". [發火][發火]

But what I say and some of you can agree to me is that.

"Genshin Impact is what every Weeb or Otaku desire in an Anime Style game."
~M. J.

Hope you guys install it and let us explore Teyvat together.

Username: Kaori
Server: Asia
UID: 800549483
(Just reply to my note/rating so I'll know who I'll be adding in-game UwU)

Cytus II


everything about this game is so amazing, even the animation sequence are well animated, even the gameplay is so smooth, the game is the best of the best rhythm game that I have played in my entire life, also I don't regret buying the game, but the thing that only disappoints me the most is the IAP, cause it cost too much.... I would probably get it if it were only like 3$ but..... yeah, I didn't expect that it would be too much...

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Who are you guys voting? Of course we all know that #GenshinImpact will win the #Gameof2020 event in QooApp.
Genshin Impact FTW!!!
Also heres a padoru artwork I made of my waifu Fischl from Genshin Impact also UwU
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