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Awesome Game!!! The controls and gameplay is great, and the soundtrack is inspired from actual MHA music, you can hear parts of it if you listen carefully. Highly Recommend!!!

Game is really enjoyable!! wasn't able to play a lot, but enjoyed what I played!!! Definitely worth a try!!

A work in development, but so far, not bad!! Gacha rates are sorta bad, especially for event Gacha (and SS only drops in event Gacha)... You can't actually buy event Gacha tickets directly either, rather every 10 normal summon you do allows you to exchange for 1 event gacha ticket.
Does need a zoom function, otherwise its better than I initially thought. For team creation, its necessary to keep the synergies in mind, cause thats the best way to get in multiple hits. Also, the free characters are pretty useful as a team.

Overall, I'll give it some time!! Maybe I'll end up addicted to it!!!

Vanguard Zero | Japanese


Love this game[開心][開心]... lots of fun, the pull rates are good, and you can figure out the gameplay pretty easily if you've watched the anime.[微笑][微笑]
But there are some drawbacks[難過], the biggest being that the gameplay has been oversimplified. Not even all the features of the very first season is there (case in point: normal guard), and some of the features have been twisted, like selecting each grade 3 as a trigger, the only ones there.[發怒][發怒][耍帥][耍帥]
Hopefully they'll get closer to the actual gameplay soon, otherwise its a good game...[憋屈][憋屈]

Awesome game[開心], great gameplay.... not a lot of characters considering its got so many anime in it, but does have a lot of features, and the power balance between characters is pretty good...[微笑][微笑]
The connection problems are mostly fixed now, [開心][開心] and I'm loving the game...
When are newer characters coming??[為什麼][為什麼]

I'm having data error 1000050 or something in clash battles many times after the new notices... anyone else??

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So... is there a way to get gems in the game?? without paying?? Cause if not, that's stupid... Read Note
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