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Matsuro Palette


hello? you there?

just leave me alone....


Oh, umm ok....

graphics: The graphics and artstyle is marvelous, especially the girl with the blue flower(I named her medusa due to her petrifying beauty). The background also gave out the feel of emptiness of life, as if the world has lost its true meaning of existence

gameplay: simple and unique, thank goodness we don't have to paint ourselves, or else I can't even pass the first level due to poor artistic skills

music: great, especially the one after credits, along with the story, which makes it hella sad

story: both the story and characters are well written, it's also incredibly sad too. as we, the player, close to finish the masterpiece, the closer the truth behind the painting reveals.

summary: this game is absolutely underratedly marvelous,such a shame they didn't get the recognition they deserve. furthermore, I think they should add a freestyle mode to let the players unleash their creativity on a given canvas, and a option to show it to the girl,which can help to improve their digital art skills. Anyway, bravo and kudos to you, devs! You have created a magnificently marvellous masterpiece.

game review: this is by far the best rhythm game I've ever played. Graphics are good, perfect backstory about all the characters and of course,mini concerts for all game events. if you can't go to the official miku concert,this is the best replacement for y'all. also, this is the first rhythm game that has both genders,not just focus on one gender only

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