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Descendant of the Lycan
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Descendant of the Lycan
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Superb Strategy games, I purely didnt expected that the graphic will be so good... I really enjoyed how the character are made, and the overall graphic..
the game itself is a little bit hard to play if you're new except you're whale enough.. lol

Its definitely every man games!

Diablo Immortal | Global


I've been a fans of Diablo since I was a child...
and this game give me a nostalgic fibes..
but some of the in game content is not like what I expected... kinda disapointed....

The best game in my opinion so far.. .
been played it for 2 years ever since pre-regist..
and it still rocks!! !!

So far so good!
I like the art, and gameplay..
and the event is quite good too..
also its F2P friendly, with plenty generous reward..

If you know the "anime", then you will surely like the game... iykwim

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