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nice graphics, gameplay actually similar to horcrux college by bilibili.
not a fresh game, but classic.

Mahjong Soul | Japanese


Such a pity that free gatcha tickets are very limited and the rates of getting a character is real low, but good for graphics and tutorials for newbies, and even the experienced~

LovePlus Every


Make sure you give your wife enough money or they will run away... #reopen of the full game

It'll become another SAO MD, but a better one ----
Kill-time quests many
Outdated events? 0% always quick update
Not high pull rates (4 star) (Official: guess%)
Original storyline

Fantastic free gifts:many gems and event 3 star chara
Annoying controls, either slow to wait or fast to skip
New(relatively)official mobile game,rare for
modern anime

First look at graphics : [色色]
Look at gameplay : [難過]
Actually playing : [開心]
Scouting rate (MR/SP) : [發火]
Game skills and tactics : [驚訝]
Most important feature : idling playing or a complete stop (quit game) is also great for earning resources in game

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Nice gameplay! Read Note
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