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Custom Cast


It's quite a shame that the app is only avaliable in Japanese. It's hard to navigate around if you don't speak Japanese but I figured it out after messing around with it for awhile. The graphics quality is a little terrible because there are black dots behind the characters that make it look like it was cut out. The quality doesn't look as advertised. The animation (lip sync and recording) part of the app doesn't work at all.

The character customization is good except that if you make a male character it doesn't look quite right and there are barely any clothes unless you buy them from the shop with "CC." The only way to get CC is to complete offers. Everyone knows that offers are just scams.. It's just a waste to make extra content and not be able to purchase it. There really should be a way to make a gif or photo feature and should include mutiple characters..

The Sims™ Mobile


Everything is quests, quests, quests, QUESTS. They never let you unlock anything without freaking quests!

Shoujo City 3D


The game is kind of silent plus there's nothing to do but eat and buy things unless you buy premium. Worse than their 2D game.

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