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What Does the Fox Says? "Kon Kon"?
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What Does the Fox Says? "Kon Kon"?
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Nice story and gameplay. One of the best RPG's. Very good Voice Acting! Worth 5 stars! Good events and very Generous to F2P!

Really Cute and Fun game. No need to pay to progress. Very nice story and events! Worth 10/10.

Very good game. Nice voice acting. Worth 5stars!!
Very Generous to f2p! Very nice Story!

Very nice game. Cool Voice Acting. Worth 5 stars!

Very Nice game!. Good events and has a nice community. This game worth 5 stars!!
This Game also Generous on f2p. Also Very Good Voice Acting and Interesting Story Events!

Fire Emblem Heroes


Mediocre Game.. Meh.

Very Generous Game. Nice Customer Support. 10/10. Very Good Game. Nice Community. 5star!

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