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Pokemon Unite


Hello there, Trainers!

#PokemonUNITE will launch on Wednesday September 22nd.
The game will be in maintenance on September 22 from 12:00AM to 10:00AM Beirut Time. During this time, the game will not be playable on the Nintendo Switch while the developers make adjustments and prepare for the mobile launch.
We might get to download it earlier on our mobile devices, but we know for sure that the game won’t be accessible before the end of maintenance on September 22, 10AM Beirut Time.

In the meantime, and since the game won’t be available in many countries at launch including Lebanon, we prepared a tutorial to help trainers get ready by downloading it from supported stores.

How to download Pokémon Unite on your mobile in countries where it's not released yet:

1. If you have a US Apple ID or any ID that falls under one of the supported countries, you can login to the App Store using that ID to download the game here:
2. In case you do not have another Apple ID, you will need to create one:
a) Just go to on any browser, and create your US account.
b) Then, go to the App store and logout of your main local account (PS: Make sure you have to the email and password for this main account memorized so you can log back in after downloading the game).
c) Login with the new US account and go to:

You can download the apk from third party websites.
We’ll share the links once the game comes out.

Setup your US Nintendo account:

Since the game is not launching in all markets, it’s safer to create your Nintendo account under the US.
This account is mainly used inside the game to be able to login and for cross-saves.
1. Go to
2. Choose your age range.
3. Fill your information and choose “United States” as a country.

Community servers and chats:

You can also join the discussion early with other players who started it on the Nintendo Switch, and talk about strategies to help you kick-off the game, knowing who to choose as a starter, and other tips.
We expect the META to change on mobile release with a big patch fixing bugs and buffing/nerfing some of the Pokémon stats and moves.

Telegram group - Pokémon UNITE Lebanon:

Telegram group - Pokémon UNITE Middle East:

Telegram news channel:

Discord Server - Pokémon Lebanon:

Discord Server - Pokémon Middle East:

Social channels:

Facebook page - Pokémon Lebanon:

Facebook page - Pokémon Middle East:

Facebook group - Pokémon Middle East:

Twitter account - Pokémon Lebanon:

Twitter account - Pokémon Middle East:

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