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Potion Maker


Come and take some time to play this game. I like this game potion and material. Is looks really fantasy and cool. Is remind me game mmorpg game i play in the past...
Anyways, This game is all about tap . sometimes there will someone coming give you quest and you need tap tap. Also they got cat which really helpful to collect material without you need to tap tap tap tap tap tap. And yeah play if you interesting. (Sorry my review not helpful. i just do this because certain event for reward)

Well have a good day everyone.

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Qooapp Changing Last time this place is not that bad. Game gacha, some of them quite family friendly and fun. For example like FGO, Arknight, Alchemia and more. They got story and interesting fighting skill. Nows day, a lot NSFW game came out. I wonder why this qooapp become this corrupt. I mean if other user send picture NSFW i can't say anything... but App gaming which suppose Qooapp decide whenter should put inside or not... in public.. I decide to install this qooaapp since i feel nostalgic wanna comeback to play.. Those free ticket got everyday... but if all just nsfw stuff everywhere. Even when open my homepage, it's hurting my eyes. Sorry for saying this.. i will unistall back this app. Is not good for my health and my eyes. Read Note
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