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Touhou Arcadia Record


I like the game but for some reason the Chinese Touhou community didn't like this game PEOPLE! I understand that this is a remade version that was taken from the little witch and KLab tried to make until they hired another developer AND PEOPLE PLEASE do not put a low rating for this reason and this game is normal for we can play and everything is accessible than the original [憋屈]

Puppet Boss


does not work and does not start [發火]

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


after then when I connected wireless headphones, the background music began to hang from it, my ears were already hurting ... (─.─|||

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problem solving start game now there are errors not only in the japanese version but also in the global, at the beginning of the game you start going through the tutorials instead, the mobs start killing you and you lose
I found a solution how to fix the error in the game
1. find the settings there you can change the system language
2. change to Japanese (if you have Russian, you can change it to English)
3. enter the game and you're done and no bugs or errors in the game
well, as usual, the game cannot read the language systems, which is why the game does not work correctly
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