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SAKURA School Simulator


This game, while have it's quirky fun, is still missing some features, and also, try and make the camera easier to use as it just flies everywhere. Here are some features I would like see being added:

- Oxygen meter when diving underwater and skills related to swimming.
- An option to snap the camera at the back of our character so it follows her around and turns when she turns instead of staying in one place while we turn.
- Fix the loli's body shape. Just... goddamn, does the loli character look scary af!

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Newest update broke my game The newest update broke my game. I could no longer log in. The game would crash right after I tap on Start at the loading screen. I couldn't get the other 2 pieces of the Whispers of Time for the 5* pull...
And yes, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, 3 times here and 1 time on Google Play in fact, and it never works... I'm hoping this isn't purely a Qooapp problem and is just the game having problems...
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