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My rating is coming from Blue Archive so is pretty much similar. No need to complicate it. There is one diffrerence though, the voice overs are a lot more significant than Blue Archive so it is a big plus.

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese


Day 1 of playing this game. This game is great for people who prefers auto style gameplay.

Although I still have not really dug in the story of this game/anime, the concept of you as idol manager managing your idols is a nice touch.

The gacha aspect? Although getting the gems can be a bit tedious at times, the gacha rate? Oh boi is already generous enough already. Like 3.5%? That is a big deal, is 0.5% bigger than Girls Band Party which is 3% The pity system is also only 200 as well. Is better than most gacha games out there. (Im especially looking at you Genshin Impact lol)


If any one of you guys found out this game, remember that this is NOT a rhythm game, is an RPG game. It may look like a rhythm game which I almost thought so too until I look at a couple of trailer and looking at the game's genre and didnt say is a rhythm game.

So if you want to find a rhythm game, this game is not for you unless if you also happen to like auto style gameplay with idol anime characters too.

Overall for a game like this is pretty nice in my book. Although my phone can barely handle this game which makes the MVs lag a lot, at least is better than not able to play this game at all. So you definitely need a high end device to run this.

Blue Archive | Japanese


So.... I downloaded this game two days ago because I was bored and wanted some supplements to fill up especially coming from a Genshin Impact player here. And I got to say, this game is awesome!!!

Usually when it comes to games, I demand good gameplay and sometimes the story too. And this game has both of the elements executed pretty nicely. This despite being a gacha game as well, it is still pretty F2P friendly too. Even though I got lucky and got 5* 3* on my first 60 pulls... But I did play it without gacha rolls at first and it is F2P friendly enough to play in my opinion. And oh, the graphics are amazing too in both 2D and 3D aspects. And the BGMs are a fire and my kind of style as well!!!

There is really nothing to say really, is just a really good and cool game for me. A refreshing game to just casually play after playing Genshin. Although, there is one more thing that I will mention in a separate comment because it just dosen't really fit in here.

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