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Great waifus, nice wholesome story, gimmicky but simple gameplay, good music (songs, sound effects, and BGM as well), actual 5% gacha rate, decent amount of freebies, and amazing 3D graphics. What's not to love, it's Love Live.

Monster Hunter Riders


Some of the character designs are really cute, especially Mary and Shino. However there are lots of bugs in the game still even after many maintenence. Sudden maintenences are NOT compensated,which means they are cheap. The 5% in this game doesn't feel like it at all. It's more of a 2-3%. The fact that they are cheap with gems also doesn't help. Capcom, just stick stick to the mainline monster hunter games. Other than good characters, there's no reason to play this gacha trash. Look at SIFAS, that's an actual 5% rate.

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The Truth of Gacha Gacha may empty your wallet, but it fills your heart.
There is no harm in gacha, only waifus, husbandos, and salt, lots and lots of salt. 
When you don't get the unit you want, the only solution is to pull again.
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